DC Fashion week ends at the French Embassy

What a whirlwind of events for DC Fashion Week. So much so its taken we a couple weeks just to give you this recap. Shame on me.

I haven’t been event hopping like I did during DC fashion week  since I was in my early……….well lets just say its been a while. I was worn out by the time Sunday night rolled around but it was all well worth it. Great fashion, great food, interesting people and creative ideas were flowing.

On the final day of DC Fashion week my three other girlfriends and I arrived to the French Embassy by 5pm which was an awesome feat. Three women prepping for a fancy event and arriving on time. Unimaginable.

After checking in we went to find our seats. What a breeze when you have VIP seating. And what a pleasure to look up and see that your name is in the chair and a great swag bag to go along with it. People tend to look around at you as if to say “who is that?”. I’m an important lover of fashion 🙂 that’s who the heck I am.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a fellow fashion blogger Samantha from Geroge Washington whose assignment was to cover fashion week.  How cool is that? I don’t recall my professor assigning such a project to me when I was in college. Check out her blog at Audrey’s Dress.

Samantha was wearing some really cute shoes too

Slowly but sure the venue began to fill up with anxious fashion lovers. In the meantime everyone had an opportunity to shop and browse the vendors who were on site.

Here is my friend Chris doing some damage at a local jewelry vendor.

We ran into one of my co-workers and Chris was able to get her bling ring to set off her outfit. Thank you Tory!

Designers included: Angels Divas (USA), Bolivia Moda (Bolivia), Corjor International (USA), Firefly Designs (Thailand), Hydari (Iran), Indian Princess Collection (India), PUA (India), Pure Elegance Boutique (India), Thitima NYC (USA).

Elegance, color and style graced the runway for an evening presentation of great fashion.

Indian Princess designer

Pua Designer Zarmina Said and Nicole Alfieri (not pictured)

Parna - Pure Elegance Boutique

Bolivia Moda












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