Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Fabric Shopping Road Trip to NYC

Two words:

MEGA F-U-N!!!!

That’s what we had all day Saturday as we walked the streets of the New York City Garment District.

On Saturday morning at the crack of dawn Silver Spring Sewing Sisters boarded Megabus, Bolt bus and Vamoose buses and headed out on a four-hour ride to New York City. Our goal was to hit the ground running and visit as many fabric shops as possible.

Our first stop was non other than Mood Fabrics. With Project Runway on our minds we looked, shopped, laughed, talked and learned about all the fabulous fabrics. Unfortunately Swatch the dog was not working today. He had the day off. Customers were very disappointed 😦

I was so anxious I arrived at 10:30am and hour before the class was scheduled to meet. I took a quick run through the store. Yep, exactly as I remember it. Full of fabulous fabrics. I felt like I was in seamstress heaven. Truth be told my basement resembled this store prior to my moving to DC. I had no business shopping for fabric on Saturday.

At 11:15am some of the members of our group began to arrive with backpacks in tow and smiling faces. We look forward to a great day of shopping. As you can see from the picture we were incredibly happy. Allison from Bit’s of Thread joined us for shopping.

When you are a lover of all things creative a place like this makes you feel so inspired. There are three levels to Mood and we perused every inch of the store. After we finished we headed over to Pacific Lace and Trim.

Allison and Betty touch all the fabrics and decide which ones to take home

Pacific Lace & Trim is a really  fun place. Everything you could possible need for finishings, closures, trims, buttons, zippers and more. I kinda lost it here. Silver Spring Sewing Sisters is making tote bags in a few week. I picked up all our supplies. Join us for Tote Bag Making on October 30th


After stopping by two stores and doing some power shopping we had to take a break and get something to eat. Fabric shoppers need nourishment to keep up their shopping strength.
Allison enjoying ice cream

After lunch we determined B & J was our next stop. We arrived there only to find out it was closed due to Yom Kippur. We still took a picture just to prove we visited. Then we went to Elegant Fabrics. Low and behold this store has a remnant rack loaded with reasonably priced goodies. YAY!!! Finally

All smiles even though the store was closed

Next we visited Dakota Braids & Trims

There was more ribbon and trims than the law allows

If you can't find it here I don't know where you can find it

Ericka found this beautiful rhinestone bead she plans to use for a necklace

Ann had her little basket and found many cool treasures

By now my feet were aching a little but we had to take a few pics on the Fashion Avenue Hall of Fame


On the fashion walk of fame. The Garment Worker, by Judith Weller





Every store has these cute mini mannequins


We passed by Parson's

Finally after a few women headed off to their buses or went on their own Ann and I went to Quilters heaven. The City Quilter was pretty far from the garment District but Ann assured me this would be an experience. I’m not a quilter however I had a great appreciation for all there was to behold. This place is a quilt gallery with a quilting store attached. Fantastic!

Every quilting pattern you could ever imagine is carried in this store

This place is a quilters dream


After all was said and done we had to say goodbye to NYC. See you again soon....

4 thoughts on “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Fabric Shopping Road Trip to NYC

  1. Loved your pictures and the description of all the stores you went to. Dakota braid and trim will be on my must see list next time I’m in the city. Thank you for sharing this with us! :O)

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