Guest Blog Post: Let’s hear it for the boys….

It brings me sheer joy and pleasure to bring to you a blog post by my friend Susie Saadian of “Black Eyed Susie” Consignment Shop located on 14th and Meridian in DC. As you well know by now Susie and I have collaborated on a few fashion ventures such as swapping and refashioning events. If you ever get a chance you must find the time to stop by Susie’s shop and pick up some very cute clothing at reasonable prices. I guarantee you will find something fabulous to add to your wardrobe. You can also give her a call and make an appointment to bring in those items you own which are new or gently worn and sell them to the store.  These are tough  economic times and selling your clothes is a very frugal thing to do.  See below Susie’s post. Enjoy!


Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Let’s not fool ourselves to think that I am using this guest blogger spot as an excuse to check out the opposite sex. I don’t need any excuse for that. When I opened my store, Black-Eyed Susie in January I had an idea of the style of which I like men to dress. Then about a month and a half ago I started dating Patrick. Despite his raggedy, paper thin, practically white jeans I still had a crush on him. To add, he did tell me I could dress him the first time we chatted. Perfect, right?

Enough about Patrick and how I am really good at checking out men without them noticing. I wanted to use this spot and a shout out for the great turn in men’s fashion that I have been seeing lately in the District. Away are going the ill-fitting jeans and ironic t-shirts and there has been a resurgence of the button down with sweater on top, bow ties, vests, and what seems like our hipster boys are finally growing up.

A great blog that I stumbled upon is And yes, the website is filled with handsome men, you may even recognize some faces like Joseph Gordon- Levitt, James Franco (one of my personal favorites), Jay Z and Ed Westwick.

So, for all those well-dressed men out there, this shout out is for you… looking good, my friend! But one more thing, don’t shave those beards just yet.





Published by Jenna M

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