Ready Set DC Fashion District Fall/Winter 2011

Ready Set DC launched its three-day series of events starting Friday night with a Meet & Greet at the Dunes (which I missed). Then on Saturday night with its fourth runway show spotlighting local emerging designers in the DC area and ended Sunday afternoon with The Shop from 2-6pm at the Dunes. During The Shop visitors had a chance to purchase designs featured the night before.

Unfortunately I’m without a camera these days and had to use my iPhone therefore the quality of these photos is really poor. Nonetheless I still wanted to share with you these fantastic local designers.

Established in 2010 Ready Set DC aims to promote up and coming designers from the DC area and support local boutiques and businesses. Saturday evenings fashion show was held at Eastern Market on 7th Street in DC.


On Saturday night a medium-sized crowd gathered around the runway awaiting the start of the show which kicked off at about 10:15pm. The show started out with a female trumpeter on the runway. I’m not certain what music she was playing but she did an excellent job setting the tone for the show.20111021-152628.jpg

Designers featured were:


Derringer Friday



Ginger Root Design



Yes I do have a critical analysis of each designer. In truth I thought most did an excellent job and deserved to be on the stage.

I’ll begin with Artaya. The dresses that hit the runway were totally my style. To the point I regret I missed “The Shop” at The Ready Set DC on Sunday. I would have liked to have seen what else Artaya has to offer. I thought her lines were clean and the designs were just edgy enough with a ting of conservationism. Artaya came out the box with this simple black dress with an unexpected train in the rear of the dress. The design was classic and chic and even better because it caught you off guard. She used a bright pink wool in a couple of her designs that I thought was fabulous. I was so busy looking at her fashions I missed taking photos of most of them. I look forward to more from Artaya.
20111016-090713.jpgNext up was Espion. I actually had an appreciation for these designs although not quite my style.

Her style is a cross between the Grecian look and dominatrix. The way she tied the two together had a very interesting effect. I will this, say her craftsmanship was great and her presentation rocked!

Next up was Durkl. Primarily focused on men’s outerwear I found these shirts to be your basic everyday men’s shirts. The way Durkl styled the models in these shirts and jackets is what made them more appealing.

This next designer was Sika. Again not my style but I always look at craftsmanship and design. Those two things can make or break you as a designer. Even if you have a very simple design it’s important to keep clean lines and not overdo it. With Sika I found that some pieces fell into a clean line category and some threw me off a bit. What really got my attention was the hairstyles. Tres unique Sika! Again poor quality photos from an iPhone. Overall I enjoyed watching Sika’s designs hit the runway.
20111019-152806.jpgAnd next up was Ginger Root Designs. These gals located in NW DC take clothing and transform them into very unique designs. Women after my own heart. They do a great job at refashioning something otherwise dull and boring into something fabulous.







Derringer Friday was up next. Mainly featuring men’s ties although not a man was on the scene until the designers came out at the end and tossed up a couple beers. The ladies all wore white men’s shirts and found creative ways to wear a tie as you see below.






Below you see photos from SAINTChic designs. The models moved across the runway so quickly I missed most of them. I though her designs were edgy and funky. Good use of color and fabrics. I wasn’t really feeling the mummy look on a few of the models but I liked the fact she had her own unique style and pulled it together.




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