Silver Spring Sewing Sisters make Tote Bags!

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters switched things up a bit in this weeks class. With more than half the class being brand new seamstresses, SSSS went back to the basics in today’s class. After introductions were made and door prizes were distributed we were ready to get started. We began by learning how to wind a bobbin, properly thread the sewing machine and cut out a simple pattern. All that in an hour!

Within 3 hours these budding seamstresses had completed fabulously designed tote bags.  As a matter of fact a few of them loaded them up with “stuff” and carried them home. I just love these “make it and take it” classes. Can’t wait for the next one. Join us on December 4th for Tote Bag Making Class Part 2

Gabbi with her new tote

Glady with her new tote

Kanisa with her new corduroy tote

April with her cute red tote bag

Sam with her new Tote bag to match her coat

Eummi Showing off her new tote bag

Ann with her artsy new tote

Finished Tote Bags

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