Estate Sales Rock on Vet’s Day!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and even then they have been few and far in between. Recently my job has me working extremely long hours and I haven’t been able to spend time on what I love most 😦 Well thanks to our nations Veteran’s I had one day off work and what did I spend it doing. Attending Estate Sales and Thrift Store shopping 🙂 This makes me smile.

Lily (my estate sale buddy) and I planned our strategy last night and aimed to arrive by 8am even though the sale started at 10am. In hindsight we should have arrived at 7am. The first person arrived at 5am and when we arrived we were numbers 30 and 31….The ladies who went in first grabbed the best of the best. There was so much to see and chose from. So much so we spent 3 hours going through stuff.

One room was full of scarves and accessories


Each room had a closet full of clothing in all sizes. Mostly vintage


More clothes, purses and shoes20111115-151634.jpg

The Vintage dresses and coats were amazing


Here I am with all my fantastic finds waiting in line


My estate sale buddy Lily really racked up


Lily is getting all her items totaled up. She picked up some great shoes and purses


More Vintage goodies


I nabbed vintage Pierre Cardin and Ferragamo Boots!!

20111115-151840.jpgWhen we were departing there was still a line of people waiting to come in. We didn’t leave much for them to select from. Good luck!



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