Swapping with dewdropDC – a Veteran Swappers view

What fun I had during Saturday’s dewdropDC swap. The best part of it was I didn’t have to organize it 🙂 YAY!! Didn’t have to worry about set up, refreshments, hangers, tables etc. What a relief. All I had to do was collect enough clothes from my closets and drawers and bring them to Hillyer Art Space for the swap. Sweet!

Overall I think Kristine, the organizer, did a good job with securing a venue that was spacious and comfortable. The deal is you take away as much as you drop off. I dropped off 12 pieces and wish I would have brought more.

Unfortunately I arrived 30 minutes late looking for a parking space. But once inside I found there was plenty to choose from. I found 3 brand new dresses (moda, BCBG and calvin klein), a pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes, a sweater, a jean jacket and two long sleeve t-shirts. I scored!

A little swap advice from a semi swap vet 🙂

Swaps can be a hit or a miss.  You never know what you will find. Remember swaps typically are a gamble and perhaps you will walk away with great items and maybe you won’t. If you have really high end clothing that you aren’t wearing take it to a consignment shop and get $$’s for it. Don’t end up with regrets because you took a Betsy Johnson dress  to a swap and walked away with a dress from Target. No offense to Target but there is no way you will get an even deal on that one so don’t expect it.

I have been to at least 25 swaps in the past year. Each one is different and I set my expectations accordingly. I consistently bring good quality clothing that is in good condition but I’m not taking my Karen Millen or Louis Vutton purses. I will however bring BCBG, Tahari, ann Taylor and Banana Republic just to name a few. Just as I don’t want to walk away with buyers remorse I don’t desire to have swappers remorse.

Want to organize your own swap?

When planning your own swap I suggest you start off small.  Swap with a group of your girlfriends in a more intimate setting and attend other swaps so that you can find our what works best. Take your time and organize it well. Then build up to bigger and better. Collaborate with others and get good helpers. They will be key.

Is swapping for you?

Lastly, swapping isn’t for everyone. Many people have hangups about wearing another persons clothing or rummaging through piles of clothes. If you are that girl then stay clear from swaps.  If you are open and looking for an adventure be sure to check with and ask questions to the organizer before you buy a ticket or make your way over to the swap. Find out if the clothes will be separate by size, how many participants will there be, if there is a message board ask the participants what sizes they are bringing, will there be food, will clothing be on a hanger or on tables? All these things make a difference in your experience. If the swap is missing some essential components that are important to you then it best you stay home and catch the next one.

What I love about clothing swaps

Bottom line is I love swapping. I’ve spent a year avoiding department stores and have successfully used swaps and thrift stores to build my professional wardrobe. I’m looking forward to continuing in this direction for year two. I’ve saved so much money and have found some great unique items to add to my wardrobe. Thanks to the great donors. I look forward to more swapping fun.

See below pics from dewdropDC this past weekend






20111115-161825.jpgMe and Kristine the Organizer of dewdropDC Clothing Swap



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2 thoughts on “Swapping with dewdropDC – a Veteran Swappers view

  1. Yeah! I love swaps! So glad you got some good finds at this one. I found a cute pair of silver heels and a purple skirt that’s nice and twirly. 🙂 Think the tips that you shared are fantastic. Thank you!!

  2. Great post, Jen! Glad you had fun! And thanks for thinking I did a good job in finding Hillyer as a venue! I honestly thought it was too small for the number of people that showed up–we weren’t anticipating that many! 🙂 Hope to see you at our next one–in a bigger venue of course! 🙂

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