Martha Stewart comes to DC

On the evening Thursday November 17th I experienced a special treat. Martha Stewart at Constitution Hall.

Dressed in a tan sweater and what looked like leather leggins or jeggins Martha spoke before a crowd of about 600-700 who filled the front two sections and some in the balcony of the hall.  She began by speaking about her homes and the entertaining she has done in preparation for the holidays. It was quite inspiring. I wanted to get up out of my seat,  run home and host a dinner party. One of my passions is entertaining.

Yeah I broke down and purchased her new book: Martha’s Entertaining, A year of celebration, which is chuck full of great ideas for decorating and entertaining.

After her presentation she sat down for an interview with Marc Pachter, the interim director of the National Museum of American History. She talked about her childhood and the fact she grew up in a family of six. She discussed her marriage at age 19 and the impact this had on the rest of her life. She talked about Julia Child being an inspiration and visiting Paris. It all sounded quite amazing this story of her full background. When the interview concluded the stage was cleared for her book signing.

Martha’s minions were scurrying around, stacking books and shuffling attendees into the line. This line, incidentally went all the way out the door to the auditorium out to the hallway and wrapped around to the other side.

She signed each and every book cheerfully. Clearly she didn’t have to do this. It’s not like she needs the money. She seemed to really enjoy pleasing her fans and having brief conversations with them. Of course security was in full effect this evening. She had as many undercover officers surrounding her as POTUS has secret service. My goodness!

When I walked up she noticed I had my iPad and remarked “Oh I see you have an iPad”. this reference was to an earlier statement that she made saying that modern technology is ruining our ……creativity…..minds… life….Something to that effect. She truly values family life and actual dialogue among friends as opposed to the types of communication so many of us have defaulted to in this day and age.

As you can see there were several men in attendance with their significant other. While the ladies were getting their books signed these guys were checking email and the scores for the game.

All in all it was a great program and all who attended seemed to enjoy the presentation and really appreciate the fact she signed all those books

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