My dress for the White House Xmas Party

I’ve been very honored to attend the Christmas Reception at the White House for the past couple of years. Each time I attempt to wear an outfit I designed and created. So far so good. But this year I got a little panicked. This dress I designed about 5 years ago was too long, the fit was off and I didn’t like the sleeves. So two days before the party I began disassembling it. What a chore. Those of you who sew know that alternations are a headache. I removed the sleeves, adjusted the waistline, narrowed the bottom part of the dress, adjusted the length and finally redesigned the sleeves. Below is the finished product and a few pictures from the party with the President and The First Lady. Enjoy!


Me wearing my refashioned dress


Me in front of the tree in the foyer


The President and First Lady addressing the guests


Navy Band played the entire evening


Christmas Tree made from aluminum cans


Decadent Desserts


Main Christmas Tree in the Blue Room


Gingerbread house with a miniature Bo out front


POTUS & FLOTUS greeting guest


Plenty of food to go around

Miniature Bo created from Black and White Buttons


Miniature Bo made from black and white cotton craft balls


Over sized Bo replica created from black and white felt cut in circles and folded. they even handed out instructions on how to recreate the trees you see in the background


Miniature Bo created from black licorice and marshmallows


Over Sized Bo created from black and white garbage bags

6 thoughts on “My dress for the White House Xmas Party

  1. Thanks for sharing these pics Jen! I watched the holiday decorating the white house special and saw the representations of Bo. Your dress looked great!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Thank you so much for these photos! I’m not a participating member of the group but I always enjoy your messages, photos and ideas.

    Your White House party dress is beautiful and you make the occasion even more festive.

    Happy holidays!


  3. Thanks for sharing! Your dress is stunning. How long did you shorten it to?

    And POTUS and FLOTUS! I never knew they were referred to in that way but it makes sense. I love it!

  4. Those alterations were totally worth it. ( I don’t like to do them either) Your dress is gorgeous and just perfect for the White House reception. Lucky you to be able to attend, and thanks for sharing the fun with your pictures. I wonder if I have enought buttons to do a Bo type replica of my cat?

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