Sewing Sisters Love Thrifting

What a great way to end 2011 than to go thrifting! On New Years Eve SSSS went thrifting at Georgia Avenue Thrift Store in NW DC. What fun we had.

We arrived about 30 minutes before they opened the doors. When I tell you these ladies were armed and ready they really were. They carried small handbags if at all, had on their walking shoes and some even dressed light so that could try on clothing easily. We lined up outside along with the other 15 or so people who came for the additional 25% off for the first 25 people. In addition to that THREE color labeled items were 50% off that day. Yellow, Pink and Blue. What a deal! I’m still waiting for them to report back their findings. (hint hint)

Upon entering the store we were all given our 25% off tickets and everyone grabbed a cart. Some headed towards dresses, suits and even the men’s section. The advantage of arriving early is beating the crowd. The later in the morning it gets the more the aisles become jammed and it’s not as easy to manuever. This store is truly a hidden gem. If you havent been you should make your way over there soon.

After about an hour and a half I think we had all had enough and headed to the check out line. As you can see below plenty of smiling faces 🙂

We can’t wait to do this again. For those who missed this outing we will go back in March. Check our Meet Up page for upcoming trips.

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