Top 10 Favorite Swap Treasures of 2011

Since January of 2011 I have attended at least one or two swaps a month. As a result I’ve pretty much revamped up my wardrobe. I’ve added pieces that I would have never purchased from the store. Either I wouldn’t have purchased them because I thought they were too trendy and not worth the $$’s or just flat-out couldn’t afford it.

Jackets, Suits and shoes have been some of my greatest finds. The best treasures are ones that are versatile and flexible for work or play. Below are some of my favorite Swap Treasures of 2011. I’m looking forward to 2012 upcoming swaps and sharing those great finds with you. Speaking of……. Join me for Swap til you Drop Part 3 with me and Black Eyed Susie on January 20th at 6pm. Our first evening swap. Click the link for tickets. Jen & Susie Swap!

#1 This black velvet blazer by H&M is one that I just adore. Its machine washable, comfortable and stretchy. It goes well with jeans and skirts.

#2 Not the best photo but these purple pants I'm holding were brand new with the tags on them in my size. What a find. The funny thing is I don't like purple which made it even better. I broke outside my comfort zone and these pants went home with me.

#3 I'm always searching for work clothes. Me and Jackie from Nana's in Mt. Pleasant. I found this Tahari two piece suit and I was uber excited. This was my second swap ever attended and I was clearly hooked.

#4 I might have picked up these Joan & David leather ankle boots out of season but they have been right on time this winter. These boots were hardly worn and I love em'

#5 I'm not a fan of red either but this red dress caught my eye and I reworked it a bit with a jacket. It wasn't so bad after all.


#6 This suit from Bloomingdale's was given to me during a swap in the spring by my friend Lily. I just Love love Love it.

#7 Here I am again appearing very excited by yet another fantastic Tahari find. I cannot tell you how much Tahari I have acquired. From coats to shoes to dresses. Just call me the Tahari Hound 🙂

#8 This dress I picked up at Dew Drop DC Swap and it too was brand new with the tags on it. Yet another great swap find to add to the collection.


#9 This dress is from the Macy's collection. Still had the tags on it. Whoohoo!


#10 Mos def in the all time top ten. This Soia & Kyo Jacket remains in my regular rotation

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