February’s Sewing Resolutions

I rarely make new years resolutions. Since my birthday is the first week in February I save my resolutions/goals until then and I make sure they all have a theme.  This year I’m focusing in sewing (of course). Last year it was all about saving money by not shopping retail. Oh, no doubt about it I will continue that theme this year and with it will come some of those self-imposed challenges.

This year I’m committed to sewing more and wearing my handmade items more often. Ann P, one of the members of my sewing group sews everyday. How does she do it? I can barely seem to think about sewing everyday let alone actually sit down to a sewing machine. But nonetheless this is my goal for 2012. It only makes sense that the thing I love to do the most I should be found doing regularly. Besides I don’t want my skill to wane.

This year I resolve to work on a sewing project everyday. This means cutting, prepping, sewing, drafting and even writing lesson plans for classes. Everyday I am committed to doing something……. In order to hold myself to this I will post my progress and you guys can keep me honest. Cross your fingers……

Here I go…. Project number one coming right up. See below me holding a bunch of sweaters about to take on a refashioning sweaters project.

2 thoughts on “February’s Sewing Resolutions

  1. I must say, if I have one resolution, it is to sew more for me this year. I look forward to your posts. I can’t wait to see what you do with those sweaters. 🙂

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