Refashioning a pair of jeans

Even for me when it comes approaching a sewing project if I bite off more than I can chew I will lose momentum and never finish. Which is why I’m starting this year off with small sewing projects and leading up to bigger ones along the way. It’s also the reason I enjoy refashioning. For starters you don’t have to start from scratch. Half the work is already done and it’s just a matter of altering things here and there. The other advantage to refashioning the fact you are playing an active role in conserving the environment by not adding additional waste to the surrounding landfills.

This morning before I left for work I decided to plunge in head first and get these jeans taken disassembled. I want a longer deeper bag so I measured and cut the jeans 17 inches from the waist line.


After cutting one leg I commenced to folding over the jeans and cut the other. At this point these look like a great pair of shorts to wear around the house. But I can’t stop here.


Not sure if the bag will be as deep as I’d wanted but I have some thoughts on how to expand it a little later in the process.



I’m planning use the side seams for straps and extras.


Fold and cut. Better to cut the straps longer and shorten them later. Now on to using a seam ripper to take apart the inseam. That’s all for now. Must head to work.


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