Sweater Sewing Project, Step 1

With this 60 degree weather it makes me wonder if I should be spending my time working on a sweater project or pulling out the linen fabrics to make summer sundresses. Geesh! It’s way too warm these days to wear the latest designs I’m working on however I keep trudging along. I’m certain the day will come. Perhaps after Presidents day we will see a bit more frigid temps.

I spent the weekend felting sweaters. What a chore! Especially when you are working withe over 60 sweaters. Needless to say I have been collecting sweaters for the past 6 months. Thats how long I’ve planned this project. What I didn’t realize is that I should have limited my purchasing to wool sweaters. As a result my stash is split 50/50. I will try my best to make do with the cotton, acrylic and ramie sweaters which are great sweaters but won’t really give me the look I’m searching for. Over the next month or so I will attempt three sweater refashioning projects.

This weekend all the sweaters wool or other fibers, were washed in hot hot water and dried in high temperatures. Most came out great. Others…….well, not so much. Might end up making ragamuffins and oven mitts out of some of them 😦

See below some of my disorganized stash. As you know I make no excuses for my lack of order when it comes to my personal projects. I should do better but that would take away some of the fun 🙂

(Please excuse the iPhone photos my birthday present to myself will be here in a few days)


Wool sweater stash


Acrylic Sweater Stash



Cotton Sweater Stash


The sweater stashes don’t stop here…. There are two more bags of sweaters in my trunk.  Yes TWO more. They will go in the wash tomorrow.


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