Showered with Birthday gifts from the the Sewing Society!

On Monday evening during our One Year Anniversary of Silver Spring Sewing Society I was pleasantly surprised by the members with birthday gifts that I just absolutely adore. When you see them you will understand how each gift was so perfectly fitting for me. Thank you to Ann, Xtine and Kanisa for your thoughtfulness and dedication to this group and thank you for your kindness.

This evening they presented me with the best gifts a sewing instructor and frugal shopper could ever receive. It started off with Kanisa’s $25 gift card to Unique Thrift Store. This was perfect timing because this weekend our group is  heading to the thrift store. Rest assured she knows this gift certificate will be applied to something great.

Ann then pulls out a DSW bag that is chuck full of handmade goodies.  The first are these totally cute luggage tags that she makes. They attach to the handle of your bag and make your luggage easily identifiable. I love them!

Next out of the bag are these little decorative wall hangings that she created by using fabrics, buttons and other interesting items then covered them over with some sort of polymer. I have this one sitting on my desk at work. Looking at it just makes you happy.

To let me know my hard work and efforts teaching these classes is getting put to use she made me a reversible handbag 🙂 This really made me smile. I used this bag the next day when I went grocery shopping. It folds up nicely inside my purse and I keep it there. Thanks Xtine!

And last but not least Xtine made this adorable sewing tote bag. This tote bag is so great I asked her to come teach a class. The photos don’t do the bag justice. Essentially this is pattern instruction paper covered in an adhesive paper cut then sewn together with seam binding around the top edge. Take a look down inside the bag. Not only is there a pocket sewn in but the base which is made of cardboard with a little notch in the corner. She knows how important notches are to me and that they should be cut out neatly :-). Thanks Xtine!

All in all this was a great way to continue to celebrate my birthday week. The members of Silver Spring Swing Society Rock!!!

Thanks so much!!

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