Thrift Score Society takes their first field trip

Thrift Score Society Kicked off their first Meet Up on Monday with a trip to Unique Thrift Store on Veirs Mill Road. What a great day to go thrifting when everything is 50% off. Thanks to Xtine and Heather for stepping up to co-lead this group. We are going to have so much fun thrifting this year. Make sure you visit us at Thrift Score Society to get information on our next meet up. See you there!
By Xtine Hutcherson
The first Thrift Score Society meetup was a great success! A quick stop at Dunkin Donuts gave everyone a chance to get acquainted and map out their shopping strategy.  Heather gave us a quick rundown of Unique’s layout and gave us sage advice about looking at the higher ticket items since everything was half off; 2 dollars off a t-shirt is no big deal, but 20 dollars off a sewing machine is a steal!


We snapped a few photos and then fanned out through the store. A few people were able to grab a shopping cart and after 30 minutes or so, we met to share our treasures and ask for advice on fit and style. Sam scored some fabulous dresses (with the tags still on!), Hassan got a suitcase, Heather loaded up on housewares and I found a fantastic BCBG denim shirt. 




Despite the huge crowds, the trip was fun and everyone found a least one gem. Thrift Score Society will be venturing out again soon – watch Meetup for details!

Xtine's thrift store finds for $32



Faux Fur coat. Pretty snazzy

Sam found all these goodies with the original price tags still on them! Way to go Sam!

One thought on “Thrift Score Society takes their first field trip

  1. Hey there! I saw that you are going to be at the DC Modern Vintage Shop and Social next week; can’t wait to meet some new friends!

    Love your blog! I have been trying to get myself to pull out the sewing machine to teach myself but I haven’t done it yet! This might just inspire me! Hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

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