Silver Spring Sewing Society Spring Road Trip to NYC

Hi everyone,

The Sewing Society is just about due for its quarterly field trip to the NYC Fashion District and we hope many of you will join us. Our last trip was in January and the one before that in October. Both were well attended and all who traveled with us had a blast. This time we are planning even more activities.

The last two trips we took the bus up for the day and after a full day of shopping turned around and came right back to DC later that evening. After the last trip we determined we need more time to browse the fabric stores and enjoy NYC. Therefore this time we will depart on Friday evening May 4th and return on Sunday May 6th.

Our official itinerary will begin Friday evening with dinner and a special sewing enthusiast surprise. Details coming soon as soon as its confirmed. On Saturday we will have a full morning of fabric shopping beginning with Mood, SIL Threads, B&J fabrics, Paron (one of our favorites)! East coast trimming and a few others. We will break for lunch at 1:00pm and we’ll shop until 5:30pm and for those who desire to head back to DC you can head to the buses. Everyone else can join us for dinner (tbd) and some much needed rest. Believe me you will be exhausted after a full day.

We will start the next morning off heading to three of the best thrift stores NYC has to offer. If you want you can also check out some other shopping areas in NYC before departing for the buses later that afternoon. You are welcomed to join us during any part of the itinerary. Please only RSVP on Meetup if you intend to travel with the group. We are planning some additional goodies and it is important to have an exact head count.

Please reserve your bus and or train tickets in advance. Bolt Bus, Mega Bus or Vamoose are the most popular with great prices. The ride is approximately 3-4 1/2 hours. You will be responsible for making your own hotel reservations. Check Expedia and Orbitz for some great rates and share with the group if you find a good deal. I recommend the Hampton inn. Two people to a room for less than $200 for the entire weekend is not bad. If you know friends or have family there even better. More details and a full itinerary will be forthcoming.

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