Shecky’s GNO, Betsey J Pop Up and Mini Thrift Store outing in NYC

I spent this past weekend in the Big Apple with two of my good friends from my hometown Chicago to celebrate my birthday, belated style. Even though it was a month after the fact it meant a great deal to have my friends come all that way and hangout with me for the weekend.

After checking out a little comedy at Caroline’s Comedy Club on Friday night we slept late on Saturday morning and headed over to the SIR Stage37 for the first session of Shecky’s Girls Night Out. NYC had two Shecky’s sessions. One at 1pm and the other at 5pm. The 1pm session was jammed packed. The line to get in was down the street and we waited in the cold for about 20 minutes. Those who had season passes were bumped to the front of the line. Clearly I need to become a season pass holder.

Shecky’s is an event where accessories, clothing and jewelry designers showcase their goods at offer them at discounted prices. Tracey Lynn, GLS Jewelry, Reinvent My Wardrobe, Precious Delectibles and KeChic were just some of the vendors present during the event. There was a lot to see and chose from. Many of the vendors were selling clothing for $10-20. Jewelry was relatively inexpensive too.

GLS Jewelry

Precious Delectibles

When you first walked in the door they had an entire room off to the side where you could sign up to make your own Margarita. I don’t drink but that seems like something fun to do. I’ve attended to two Shecky’s Girls Night Out events at Constitution Hall and this event in NYC was the first Shecky’s where they served food and drink (on the house). Downstairs they were selling $4 cupcakes but upstairs had a nice spread which was included in the admission. At the first station there were yummy brand muffins with molasses cream cheese along with blueberry & nut muffins with other assorted cream cheeses. The next station had chocolate covered strawberry’s that were amazing and the third and final station served bread slices with spinach and mozzarella cheese. Chefs Diet promoting they specialize in helping brides prepare for their big day by offering these great tasting foods without all the calories. I must say the food was great.

Sorry I didn’t take any additional photos. My hands were full with the food and drinks. Mmmm Mmm Good!20120312-222007.jpg

On the way out we picked up our goody bags. Each bag was different and full of decent goodies. As you can see below. Since I’ve been to Shecky’s a couple times before I found many of the items repeated from the times I’ve attended before. But for $15 they were decently stocked.

1st Goodie bag included: Jergens body lotion, Vitamin Water Zero, Goody Hair ties (2sets), Cointreau Margarita Mixer, Aveeno Lotion, Lady Speed Stick, Lee Press-on nails, Softlips lip balm, Gold bond body wash (2 types), hand sanitizer and of course the reusable Shecky’s bag

2nd Goodie Bag had the same as above however the lotion seemed to be replaced by Vaclay & Lena a novel and the lady speed stick was replaced by the Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes. They added the fcuk cologne.


After leaving Shecky’s we headed back towards Times Square and that’s when we ran across the Betsey Johnson Pop up shop over on 37th off of 7th Street. How exciting!. I just love Betsey Johnson’s bright colors and fun flirty designs.




Cute spring dresses


Some of these dresses I saw during last years All access Fashion at Tysons. They were going for $2-300

Being frugal I’m always looking for a good deal and Sunday was my lucky day. After leaving the Museum of Modern Art I headed to a few thrift stores. I first stopped by the Housing Works Thrift store in Hell’s kitchen and wouldn’t you know it was my lucky day??





One of my favorite brands


This store had some really nice furniture


If you know me you know how much I love love love butterflies. I just had to take a picture of these butterfly cowboy boots. Ridem'

I stopped by two more Housing work thrift stores, One on the West side and one on the East side. All had great set ups and great deals. Some were getting ready for their spring sale and were having half off sales this weekend. Whats a frugal girl to do?? Shop right? We’ll not this time. I just browsed. I’m preparing for Tossed and Found next weekend. More on this event coming later this week 🙂

See pics below from the two other stores on the West side and East side.


This was the line outside the Housing works store on the East Side


These stores have great furniture





Yes that's Gucci and Louis Vutton in the store window





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