Wilmer Wilson & Lady Blogger fashion and beauty social

With everything on my plate these days sometimes I’m amazed at how I do it all. Running from one event to another, changing clothes, grabbing cameras, grabbing sewing machines…………..whew it just makes me exhausted thinking about it. But the funny thing is it totally energizing and invigorating. Saturday after a full day with friends and running errands I stopped by an art gallery on Florida avenue which was featuring a young artist named Wilmer Wilson IV who transforms himself using everyday household items. See below a photo from his website: Recurring Man This piece titled Stone wall is essentially paper bags blown up and assembled. His pieces are amazing and he hasn’t even graduated undergrad. He’s currently a senior at Howard University and plans to go on to Graduate school at Columbia. Be sure to check him out!

After departing the gallery I headed over to the Lady bloggers and beauty social at It’s Vintage Darling one of my favorite vintage shops.  The social was hosted by Dana J and Mika or The Diary of FrankyJ and For the Average Girl. The place was buzzing with lady bloggers and the clothing was flying off the racks.

Elise checking out guest receiving 50% off their purchases!

There was plenty socializing along with food and drinks to go around

Many of the attendees were dressed in vintage clothing or otherwise stylish outfits

I just love the color and the styling on this dress

Since everything in the store was 50% the lady bloggers didn’t have any hesitation trying on some of the fabulous clothing

She's fancy

More mixing and mingling with the lady bloggers and I took a few minutes to snap some pictures of some of the great items that can be found at It’s vintage Darling.

Trunk of cuff links, tie clips and other men's accessories

This dress I thought was hot. I could envision an awesome refashioning project. You can't see them completely but there are a pair of vintage Minolo's over in the corner. I really hope they are still there when I go back.

I really liked this leather handbag

One thought on “Wilmer Wilson & Lady Blogger fashion and beauty social

  1. Loved the print dress in the 4th photo. The young lady was wearing that dress!!! So glad i found you due to a friend of mine. I live for vintage and I want to start sewing. I’ll start looking out for your posts.

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