The mother of all rummage sales “Tossed and Found”

The long awaited Tossed & Found rummage sale weekend event has begun. This annual event sponsored by the Junior League of Washington is held down at Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

Last night was preview night which included a silent auction and sneak peek at all the goodies in the showrooms. Paying $45 not only is a great contribution to charity but it is also well worth every penny to get in early and be the first to see what they have to offer.

As most of you recall last year I scored big time in the high-end room they refer to as “quality”.  This year was no different. During preview night I found a full length cashmere coat, a pair of bandolino pumps, 2 calvin klien dresses, 1 J. Crew Dress, 1 Trina Turk dress, 1 tahari dress, a suit, an  embroidered skirt made in Italy, a dress from Barney’s NY, a rolling sewing machine bag, a bicycle messenger bag, a butterfly wall hanging.  All under $200. Yeah baby!!! Major score!

Below are a few pics from Preview night at T & F. Beginning with the furniture. I was amazed at the quality of the furniture and the variety

A wicker patio set

I sure wish I was in need of a couch because this would have gone home with me

Nice chair and ottoman

Books Galore!

More sweaters than the law allows

A pretty well stocked men's section

Plenty of shoes

Bags, bags, bags

Dresses in the "Quality" room

Lily found a cute summer dress

Me always thinking ahead and preparing for next season. I'm holding a floor length cashmere coat

Lily found a digital camera

My coworker picked up a Kate Spade bag


Some of the other labels in the “Quality” Room

2 thoughts on “The mother of all rummage sales “Tossed and Found”

  1. OMG, I wish I would’ve found out about your meetup group and blog earlier. I need new clothes and furniture for my house. And getting laided off a week before my birthday (Birthday: 3/27) definitely has me on the unemployment budget. :-/

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