Day two Tossed & Found – Always better to have shopping buddies

We met up at 8:45am  at Crystal City. Ann and Kanisa from the Thrift Score Society of DC were all set for a full day of rummaging. The line was out the door and down the hall to get into Tossed & Found. These people are serious about finding a bargain.



Finally it was time to go inside. With bags in tow they all filed in

We made a b-line to the “quality” room. Something told me I better make a quick stop through just in case some new items had been added or I missed something in all the chaos. And boy was I right. I snatched up another red party dress, some moccasins and a vintage leather bag. Pics to come.

I left out around 10am, Ann and Kanisa went to have lunch and stop by Joann Fabrics and we met back up at 2pm when everything was 25% off. Well that wasn’t good enough for us. We decided to wait it out until the very end when everything was half off and go for it. By four pm we were tired but happy with all our great purchases.

We worked from 9-4pm searching for bargains

4 suits! I’m set for next season

Ann found some unique t-shirts, jackets and other crafting supplies

$10 for a Cole Haan down jacket. $12 for a vintage leather jacket

Kanisa paid $5 for this brand new Brook Brothers Skirt with the tags on it. Retail $88 – Major score!


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