Awesomeness Squared at the Final Day of Tossed & Found

You see these smiles? This was after about an hour and a half of loading up our bags with as much as we could for only $40!! These women really know how to rummage…………

I can’t even begin to tell you how we all probably have a complete wardrobe for the rest of the year. A large portion of items we scored were brand new never worn with tags still attached. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The place was buzzing on the last day. Shoppers had rolling carts, IKEA bags, flashlights and lots of determination.

Kanisa seen here with her trusty flashlight


Here is a snapshot of some of the items we picked up

What $40 got me:

5 dresses, 4 blouses, 35 wool sweaters (mens & women’s) for crafting, 5 pairs of jeans & 3 jean jackets for our upcoming jeans makeover class, 30 men’s ties (for a crafting project), 3 pairs of corduroys, 3 blazers, and 1 tahari suit. Yes I love tahari 🙂 #rummagesalescore

What $40 got Ann:

40 mens t-shirts (future scarf class supplies)
7 pair jeans (to become bags in future)
7 cotton sweaters (future project)
6 t-shirts for ME
Mid-calf suede coat (future project)
2 leather jackets (future project)
puffy winter coat for me (Gap never worn)
dress w beaded fringe (future project)
Vintage French silk brocade, wide leg, fully lined, high-waisted pants- Ann says “these are so beautifully tailored it might kill me to cut them up” (whats a crafty girl to do?).
Red Polo brand shirt for me (she could not resist)

What $40 got Kanisa:

3 duster length spring coats
3 skirts
2 scarves
4 blouses
1 pair of cropped pants
2 pairs of trousers
a rolling bag for my sewing machine
a really nice wallet
a pair of brand new platform sandals
3 short sleeved jackets
1 dress
4 tee shirts (for projects)
1 strapless dress that was probably a bridesmaids dress(probably a future project but I am not sure for what)
a pair of jean for the jean tote bag project

This Brooks Brothers Skirt with the $88 price tag still attached. Great score!

As you can very well see we got more than our $40 worth.  Now we just need to find time in our schedules to go through it all, wash or clean it and create new projects. I’m planning to get started on at least one this weekend. Wish me luck 🙂

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