First and Second Lady Fashion

Been a little behind on posting. Lot’s going on in this Sewing Diva’s world. But before I allow any more time to elapse, last week I had the pleasure of attending the One Year Anniversary of  Joining Forces on the White House South Lawn. Joining Forces is a national initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden to mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned serving our nation. I have had the pleasure of working on this initiative over the past year and am very proud of all the work that has been accomplished. However…… know me, where ever I can find a fashion statement in the midst of work I grab it and run with it.

On a cold Wednesday morning about 100 of us waited on the south lawn for FLOTUS and SLOTUS 🙂 to arrive. As usual neither one of them disappoint on their fashion. Dr. Biden steps out in a winter white 3/4 length coat with a bright pink cashmere scarf that really hit the mark. It look great next to her hair, eyes and pink lipstick. Dr. Biden is always very stylish. Yo Go Jill!

Oh and don’t think Dr. Biden stopped at the coat and scarf. Her shoes were really cute. They were a blue and pink suede. She was wearing them well.

Of course next up was the First Lady who in her own right is a fashionista extraordinaire was bearing the cold weather in style. She wore this burgundy 3/4 length flared coat with 3/4 length cropped sleeves accented with cream-colored buttons. This coat is a must have addition to the wardrobe.



After the program ended I had an opportunity to have a brief chat with the First Lady. And this is how the conversation went: FLOTUS: Hi Jennifer, How are you? Always good seeing you. Me: Always good seeing you too. How have you been? FLOTUS: I’ve been well. Are you hangin in there? Me: Yes I am. By the way this coat is fabulous. Mind making it a hand me down next season?  LOL!! (Just kidding, I did not ask the First Lady if I could have her coat:-) But I do plan to do some research to find where I can get it.

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