Modern Vintage Shop and Social in Review

As I begin to catch up on blog post I will periodically insert some of my favorites from 2012. This happens to be one of them.

I must begin by saying I can always count on Lisa to have at least one item in her collection that screams at me……”Don’t leave the store without me”. Always one item that has Jen’s name written all over it.  FYI  as I decide my Sew Frugal & Fashionable challenge for 2013 this sentiment will be one of my new guiding principles. Before I buy any article of clothing it must speak to me and make me feel as though I would regret leaving the store without it.  🙂

At the most recent Modern Vintage Shop and Social this little brown dress did just that. I saw it, picked it up and I couldn’t put it back on the rack. My only hesitation is that recently picked up a brown vintage two piece dress suit from an estate sale and I thought I don’t need two brown dresses. In the end I figured when I finally get around to having my own vintage pop up I will offer it as an available item.









So many wonderful vintage items adorned the racks at Nana’s in Mt. Pleasant. Lisa had dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, purses and vintage jewelry.




At this Modern Vintage Shop and Social Quarterlife 2o2 showcased items which were great for holiday parties and work. Any of these items could be easily added to your current wardrobe.



Did I mention she served cookies and hot apple cider? Yummy





More items from the Quarterlife 202 Collection…….





And as always Lisa services you with a smile. Happy shopping! I can’t wait until the next Quarterlife 202 Pop Up Shop. Wonder where she will be popping up next? We will keep you posted in 2013.


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