Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop


I stopped by Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop today sponsored by Worn Magazine and Pepco. One word, AWESOME!! I love the space, I love the location and I love the merchandise they have selected for this three-day event. This is a must see and I recommend all my thrifty friends make their way over to this spot before the week is out.

The kick off breakfast was this morning at the Pepco Gallery located at 720 6th Street NW near Gallery Place. Although I was a tad late and missed the main program I spoke briefly with Debbie Jarvis the Vice President of Communications at Pepco, who knew all about my thrifty business and how I’m not purchasing any new clothes for a year :-), Lisa Rowan the Goodwill Fashionista and Shanna Gidwani who we all know and love the Marketing and Communications Manager at Goodwill.


As you walk in the first thing you notice is the open floor plan which allows for and easy perusing of the clothing items. It’s was very Barney’s like. 20121212-231422.jpg

All clothing separated by color,  is great for someone like me because I am attempting to refrain from black, gray and brown. Only bright colors for me in the fall (arms folded determined). Uh, wait then how do I explain what occurred today? During this shopping experience I walked away with all three. Brown, Gray and Black. A magnificent 3 I might add.

Sidebar – Did I mention Goodwill served breakfast? Yes, they served breakfast with plenty of coffee and mimosa’s. Although I was too busy browsing to eat anything 😦 20121212-231447.jpg

The displays and layout of the rooms completely remove you form the mindset of 2nd hand shopping.  This space is a great combination of boutique, showroom and department store all wrapped up in one. 20121212-231456.jpg

I would be remiss if I did not mention the menswear included in this Edited Collection. I saw many men’s suits sweaters and most definitely….ties 20121212-231503.jpg Here is one of my awesome finds. A gray wool Tahari suit. I’m always looking for suits for work and especially from one of my favorite designers Tahari. The fit was perfect and I can’t wait to wear it 🙂 20121212-231512.jpg My second great find was this fabulous metallic embroidered jacket. I love the shortened sleeves and the 3/4 length. I truly wanted to wear this out of the store! 20121212-231528.jpg

And finally this vintage black velvet blazer that Lisa is wearing. I hemmed and hawed about getting it. At $9 it did not make sense to leave it in the store. Besides Debbie and Lisa were putting on the extra Goodwill pressure to take this lovely item home with me. I couldn’t resist.


As I was checking out I chatted with another fashionista who found this Fendi bag that we think might have been authentic. Couldn’t pass this up for her daughter for $7.95


the last thing I did before I departed was enter the lottery for this Audi station wagon. The company who donated it will give the person $5,000 if they decide to give it back. Either way its  win win.


So don’t meet me there, beat me there before Friday ! Grab some great items from the Goodwill Edited Collection. Let us know what you scored. We love to hear shopping success stories.

Published by Jenna M

Sew Frugal & Fashionable and The Urban Sewing Society is all about helping you building a fashionable wardrobe through sewing, refashioning vintage and thrifting. We offer vintage and ready made pop up shops which feature carefully selected clothing and accessories to help you achieve that one of a kind look. We have sewing classes to help you unleash your creativity and style. Follow us on Instagram @SewFrugal and @TheUrbanSewingSociety

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