Sew Frugal’s Fabulous Finds of 2012


I really enjoyed wearing this metallic Jacquard 3/4 length jacket to the White House Holiday Tour. I purchased this jacket last week during the Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop for $9.95. This jacket has earned Sew Frugal’s “2012 Fabulous Find” award. One look and I realized this was truly an item I couldn’t live without.

As a matter of fact my shoes came from the Goodwill store in Glebe Road (one of my favs).

As we head into the new year and I consider my wardrobe challenge for 2013 I’ve decided to spend some time chronicling my wardrobe. If I’m truly honest I have more clothes than I need or wear 😦 More details in my 2013 challenge will be coming soon.

In the past year I noticed several interesting wardrobe challenges among my fellow bloggers and I’m inspired to try a few of them. I hope many of you will join me.

Have a great day!

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