The Sewing Society is adding Fall Classes

Class is in session! The Sewing Society Fall Sewing classes are rolling out. Beginning sewing, Understanding patterns, Skirt making and Tote bags are all on tap for this fall. Click the link below for a full list.

Calling all beginner seamstresses and those who need a little refresher course.

Have you ever picked up a pattern or guide sheet and you feel like you are reading another language? Or been in the fabric store and it seems like the people are speaking a different language? Do the words bias tape, tracing wheels and notches mean nothing to you? Fear No More! Silver Spring Sewing Society is here to help. Learning how to sew and communicating in sewing terms can become second language within just a few lessons.

This Very Basic Sewing Class will focus in on the very basic components of sewing. You will learn the parts of the sewing machine, how to take your measurements, what to look for if you are buying a new machine and you will practice sewing stitches. Come join us to get all your sewing questions answered. For this class you should bring your own sewing machine and all the attachments including bobbins.


If you do not own or have access to a sewing machine we have a limited number of sewing machines available for rent. Prior to registering for this class please send an email to reserve a machine.


Please arrive 15 minutes early for set up

Additional supplies for this class will be provided.


Please see the supply list below:

A working sewing machine – Please have your machines serviced before bringing them to class if they are older and have not been used in a while


(be sure to bring your foot petal and manual if you have it handy)

Presser feet for the Sewing Machine

Extra sewing needles

Sewing shears

Seam ripper (this will be your best friend 🙂

Tracing wheel/tracing paper or chalk (whichever you prefer)

Spool of Thread


Tape Measure

Pin cushion

Bobbins (make sure they fit your machine)

A sewing box or carrying case to keep all your supplies

Patience and a sense of humor 🙂

We have sewing machines for rent: Please email to reserve before registering for this class

Classes and Meetups will only be confirmed and booked at the location after at least 6 people have RSVP’d. If registration drops below 5 the class or meetup is subject to be canceled. Please check back periodically.

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