The Sewing Society is adding Fall Classes

Class is in session! The Sewing Society Fall Sewing classes are rolling out. Beginning sewing, Understanding patterns, Skirt making and Tote bags are all on tap for this fall. Click the link below for a full list. An introduction to Beginning Sewing Sunday, Aug 18, 2013, 2:00 PM Round House Theatre Education Center925 Wayne AvenueContinue reading “The Sewing Society is adding Fall Classes”

Tossed & Found Rummage Sale

Hello Readers!!! It’s that time again for Tossed and Found Rummage sale sponsored by the Junior League Washington of DC. If you miss this event you are truly missing a treat. They will have everything from housewares to clothing at discount prices. If you love thrifting then you will love Tossed and Found. The event is kickedContinue reading “Tossed & Found Rummage Sale”

PhD (Projects Half Done) Class and Fabric Swap with The Sewing Society

This weekend the Sewing Society met for our second PhD class and Fabric Swap at the Roundhouse Theater Education Center in Silver Spring.  Every quarter The Sewing Society hosts a class where members can bring in their sewing projects in and get help with completing them. There is nothing worse than UFO’s Un-Finished Objects! LOL!!Continue reading “PhD (Projects Half Done) Class and Fabric Swap with The Sewing Society”

Sew Frugal’s Fabulous Finds of 2012

I really enjoyed wearing this metallic Jacquard 3/4 length jacket to the White House Holiday Tour. I purchased this jacket last week during the Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop for $9.95. This jacket has earned Sew Frugal’s “2012 Fabulous Find” award. One look and I realized this was truly an item I couldn’t live without. AsContinue reading “Sew Frugal’s Fabulous Finds of 2012”

Reposting from The Goodwill Fashionista! Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop

I just wanted to share this great recap of the Goodwill Pop Up shop with I throughly enjoyed last week. But first here is a little photo recap of my own. December 17 Recap: Edited for Goodwill pop-up shop, Peace & Goodwill We had such a blast at Edited for Goodwill last week, celebrating theContinue reading “Reposting from The Goodwill Fashionista! Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop”

Day Two: Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop

I couldn’t resist swinging by the Pepco Gallery for a second day in a row to check to see if it was possible to add a few additional treasures to my collection. When I visited the Pop Up shop on Wednesday I failed to notice the folded paper birds in the ceiling. I suspect IContinue reading “Day Two: Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop”

Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop

I stopped by Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop today sponsored by Worn Magazine and Pepco. One word, AWESOME!! I love the space, I love the location and I love the merchandise they have selected for this three-day event. This is a must see and I recommend all my thrifty friends make their way over toContinue reading “Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop”

Modern Vintage Shop and Social in Review

As I begin to catch up on blog post I will periodically insert some of my favorites from 2012. This happens to be one of them. I must begin by saying I can always count on Lisa to have at least one item in her collection that screams at me……”Don’t leave the store without me”.Continue reading “Modern Vintage Shop and Social in Review”

First and Second Lady Fashion

Been a little behind on posting. Lot’s going on in this Sewing Diva’s world. But before I allow any more time to elapse, last week I had the pleasure of attending the One Year Anniversary of  Joining Forces on the White House South Lawn. Joining Forces is a national initiative launched by First Lady MichelleContinue reading “First and Second Lady Fashion”

Reposting from Goodwill Fashionista: Fashion Forward: No lace, please

I love this post from Lisa the Goodwill Fashionista and wanted to share with you. As you know I’m all about refashioning vintage and looking beyond a piece that at first appears to have no potential. The jacket Lisa refashioned is uber cute and the removal of the lace really made it hit its mark.Continue reading “Reposting from Goodwill Fashionista: Fashion Forward: No lace, please”

Recapping Basic Sewing Class Part 2

Once again I had the pleasure of teaching a group of novice seamstresses for a basic sewing class. Most of the students participated in our Beginning class two weeks ago and this week we took things a step further. We began with a review of parts of the sewing machine. Then moved into  instruction onContinue reading “Recapping Basic Sewing Class Part 2”

Awesomeness Squared at the Final Day of Tossed & Found

You see these smiles? This was after about an hour and a half of loading up our bags with as much as we could for only $40!! These women really know how to rummage………… I can’t even begin to tell you how we all probably have a complete wardrobe for the rest of the year.Continue reading “Awesomeness Squared at the Final Day of Tossed & Found”

Finally finished Jean Bag project…..Whew!

As a sewing instructor the goal is to actually make the project before teaching the class. This doesn’t always happen. As of late I have been completing the projects by the day before. But this time I’m “on fire”. Here we are over two weeks out from “Jean Tote -Bag Making Class” and I’ve already completed oneContinue reading “Finally finished Jean Bag project…..Whew!”