Guest Blog Post – Easy ways to save with coupons

Sew Frugal and Fashionable just loves Guest Bloggers! This week we are featuring Jen Mathis who reach out to me a couple weeks back about writing a guest blog on saving money. Since we are all about frugality, saving and making a dollar stretch in a creative way I am happy to bring you someContinue reading “Guest Blog Post – Easy ways to save with coupons”

Guest Blog Post: Let’s hear it for the boys….

It brings me sheer joy and pleasure to bring to you a blog post by my friend Susie Saadian of “Black Eyed Susie” Consignment Shop located on 14th and Meridian in DC. As you well know by now Susie and I have collaborated on a few fashion ventures such as swapping and refashioning events. If you everContinue reading “Guest Blog Post: Let’s hear it for the boys….”

Guest Blog post: Cashmere Sweater to Toddler Mittens

I get so excited when I connect with fellow bloggers who are sewing for a more frugal existence or just being frugal for frugal sake. I feel we are kindred spirits in a way. Some time ago Sew Frugal connected with Leila B of Three Dresses and we’ve been following each other ever since. IContinue reading “Guest Blog post: Cashmere Sweater to Toddler Mittens”

Guest Blogger: Shopping with a purpose

I’m so excited to bring to you a guest blog post from my good friend and shopping buddy Chris P. Chris was so kind as to fill in and write substantive blog post from the charitable perspective. I truly appreciate her filling in for me as I attempt to back fill the blog on theContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Shopping with a purpose”