My Review: Current Boutique – Washington, DC

Since I started my thrift/vintage/consignment store tour I have truly developed a better appreciation for the DC metropolitan area. Finding gems such as Current Boutique really makes me smile. And who knew there is more than one in the area. Here is one place I know I can go into on any given day ifContinue reading “My Review: Current Boutique – Washington, DC”

My Review: Black Eyed Susie, Washington, DC @BlckEyedSusieDC

  Anyone who knows me knows that Black Eyed Susie is by far my favorite consignment shop in DC. Ok I might be a little biased, after all we hosted an awesome clothing swap in May. However when you combine the great clothes, the cuteness of the shop, great prices and an owner who hasContinue reading “My Review: Black Eyed Susie, Washington, DC @BlckEyedSusieDC”

Vacation Thrift Store Shopping: NCJW Thrift Store in LA

Council Thrift Store in Los Angeles definitely made #2 on my list of great thrift stores in LA. Prices were fairly reasonable and the selections were fabulous. The store was clean and things were organized very neatly on the racks and shelves. All in all there are 6 NCJW thrift  locations in LA and 3Continue reading “Vacation Thrift Store Shopping: NCJW Thrift Store in LA”

My Review: Wagging Tails, Rockville MD

Vacation is over, sad to say and jet lag is still lingering around. *yawn* Nonetheless I must catch up on my reviews of local thrift stores in the DMV. Wagging Tails is a store I was so excited to finally visit. I’d first heard about the store when I attended Sip & Sew at DCContinue reading “My Review: Wagging Tails, Rockville MD”

My review: Plato’s Closet, Virginia

All in all I must have visited 20 stores last month. Incredible with my work and volunteer schedule for the month of May. I tried to squeeze in at least 2-3 stores a weekend which was pretty challenging. I finally wrapped up over Memorial Day weekend and even had a chance to revisit some ofContinue reading “My review: Plato’s Closet, Virginia”

My review of Georgia Ave Thrift Store, DC

I must admit this one receives my “Pleasant Surprise” award. At first glance pulling into the parking lot I thought, this better not be another one of those “pseudo thrift stores”.  I walked into the store and saw how crowded it was and my 2nd thought was there must be some great bargains in here.Continue reading “My review of Georgia Ave Thrift Store, DC”

Jen’s May Thrift Store Tour

Whew!!! That’s all I can begin by saying. What a whirlwind of a month and I enjoyed every moment of it. Last month I randomly chose thrift and consignment stores in the DC, MD and VA area. I wasn’t sure which stores I would visit and when. The idea was to get out, explore andContinue reading “Jen’s May Thrift Store Tour”