Recapping: Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2

On Sunday, November 20th Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for “Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2” at the Wheaton Library.  We learned about the parts of the sewing machine, how to thread the sewing machine, how to take measurements and everyone completed an apron by the end of class. Hats off to all theContinue reading “Recapping: Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2”

Re-Blogging: Refashioning and Restyling Workshop Part ll

The count down is here. Only 24 more days until 2012. Sew Frugal and Fashionable has some great things planned for refashioning and restyling your wardrobe. We will take 365 days and redo at least 12 outfits. That’s right full outfits. That’s next years challenge. And we will continue to stay away from department andContinue reading “Re-Blogging: Refashioning and Restyling Workshop Part ll”

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters make Tote Bags!

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters switched things up a bit in this weeks class. With more than half the class being brand new seamstresses, SSSS went back to the basics in today’s class. After introductions were made and door prizes were distributed we were ready to get started. We began by learning how to wind aContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters make Tote Bags!”

Shoulder/Tote Bag Making class – Basic Sewing 101

Join Silver Spring Sewing Sisters for another beginning sewing class. These sewing classes are designed to inspire you to learn to sew, become more familiar with your sewing machine and get you on your way to sewing your own clothes. Tote Bag making is a great way to get yourself comfortable with the sewing machine. Learn how toContinue reading “Shoulder/Tote Bag Making class – Basic Sewing 101”

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Day two

On Thursday evening I was so anxious to leave work and head to Chantilly. I was scheduled to take June Colburn’s class “Stash Make-Over”. I figured this would a great class to take considering I have a lot of “stash” and not sure what to do with it. June started off the class showing usContinue reading “Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Day two”

Recap: Let’s Make pants with SSSS

On Sunday Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for our first pants making class. We had 11 very excited and energetic  ladies show up for the class.  The pattern for the class was Butterick 5044. Very simple and easy however still allows the student to learn basic sewing techniques. We got started with a simple overview of theContinue reading “Recap: Let’s Make pants with SSSS”

No Project Runway, However we Sewists enjoyed ourselves anyway

Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Last night Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for our Final Refashioning & Restyling Meetup at Eggspectation in Silver Spring. After sharing a few ideas on refashioning and discussing our upcoming meetups we ordered dinner and began anxiously awaiting the start of Project Runway. Heather showed us aContinue reading “No Project Runway, However we Sewists enjoyed ourselves anyway”

Recap: Silver Spring Sewing Sisters visit to @JoAnn_Stores and Goodwill

Yesterday, Sunday August 14 Silver Spring Sewing Sisters took a much-needed field trip to Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts and Super Goodwill in Columbia, MD. We took a brief store tour where the ladies learned all about Jo-Ann Fabrics and what they have to offer.  We looked at everything  from their floral department to seasonal items all theContinue reading “Recap: Silver Spring Sewing Sisters visit to @JoAnn_Stores and Goodwill”

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters @BlckEyedSusieDC for Refashioning & Restyling

Join Silver Spring Sewing Sisters @ Black Eyed Susie for Refashioning, Restyling and Refreshing your wardrobe on July 31st from 12-5pm.  Reserve you space and get your FREE ticket at: Join us as we talk about ways you can take something in your current wardrobe or that you have found at a thrift store andContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters @BlckEyedSusieDC for Refashioning & Restyling”

Bragging about Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

I’m so proud of the ladies in our sewing group. They are super dedicated to learning to sew and the proof is in the pudding. Look at these ladies finished products and how hard they worked to get them done. Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Rock!!! You go girls!!! We just launched our Facebook Group todayContinue reading “Bragging about Silver Spring Sewing Sisters”

Keep it moving – G Street Fabric Visit

On Tuesday evening a few of us sewing enthusiast from Silver Spring Sewing Sisters got together for a fabric store visit. We made a stop at G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD. We looked at interfacing, woven & non-woven. We looked at linings, dry-clean only and machine washable. We looked at a touched silk crepe, wool crepeContinue reading “Keep it moving – G Street Fabric Visit”

Skirt Your Way to Becoming a Sewist

On Sunday afternoon the Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for our Skirt Making Sewing class. We had 16 women participate in what ended up being a really fun and productive class. The ladies began by first selecting the fabric they wanted to use for the project. The next step was to take their waist, hipContinue reading “Skirt Your Way to Becoming a Sewist”

Keep it moving – Refashioning follow up

When it comes to refashioning and restyling oftentimes its difficult to maintain the momentum. After you have dismantled a garment you might begin to think to yourself “why did I remove that, now what?”. To assist the class participants with this somewhat daunting task we are meeting once during the week to keep everyone motivated.Continue reading “Keep it moving – Refashioning follow up”

Bragging on another student- Xtine

Student, Seamstress and Member of Silver Spring Sewing Sisters recently completed a restyling project. When we met last month Xtine brought in this fabulous pair of jeans she picked up at a local thrift store which were about two sizes too big and way too long. She decided to tackle slimming them down and shorteningContinue reading “Bragging on another student- Xtine”

Recapping: Refashioning and Restyling Workshop Part ll

On Sunday June 19th, Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met to discuss creative ideas for reinvigorating and refreshing their wardrobes. We had a great discussion on options and unique transformations for clothing that has just been sitting around idle. This was our 2nd class in a four-part series. So far three students have completed their initial projects and are currentlyContinue reading “Recapping: Refashioning and Restyling Workshop Part ll”