More fun photos from Swap Til You Drop World Swap Day

Below are a few more fun photos from World Swap Day I wanted to share with you. Look at all the bags of clothes these ladies hauled away. Thanks to all the volunteers, The Swapaholics and Susie for closing her shop for the day to make this swap possible. Susie and I are already planning for the next swap in April. Be sure to get your tickets early.

Don’t be tardy to the Swap Party ladies 🙂




















“World Swap Day” Swap Til You Drop #3 in Review

A little over a year ago I attended my first clothing swap as part of National Swap Day. It was organized by Anika Alexander and held in Silver Spring, MD.  There were approximately 25 women who attended. I had so much fun I decided to forego my plans the next day and attend another swap the next afternoon at Nana’s in Mt. Pleasant DC where there were at least 50-60 women in attendance. I never would have guessed a year later I would have attended at least 13 swaps, stopped buying clothes for a year and hosted three swaps of my own. Wow what a difference a little inspiration makes.

Last summer I partnered with Susie of Black Eyed Susie after acquiring the Greater Washington DC Clothing Swap on Meet Up. At that time there were just over 300 members and we have grown to 377 with new members joining everyday. It has been challenging yet fun every step of the way.

Each Swap Til You Drop event Susie and I have organized takes on its own look and feel. Each one has its own unique outcome and they just continue to get better and better. Friday nights swap was no different. First and foremost it was in the evening. This was the first time we tried an after work swap and surprisingly about 55 women showed up. We sold out almost two weeks ago. They were all so positive, brought great items and had such a great time.

Thanks to the lovely ladies, Melissa Massello and Amy Chase of  the Swapaholics out of Boston for  their encouragement and the inspiration of World Swap Day. They sent us some cool goodies to go inside the tote bags they provided which added to the energy and excitement of the evening.

Diehard Swapnistas braving the DC cold to find some fabulous treasures

The Swapnista’s began to arrive to Black Eyed Susie around 5:30pm. Dropping of their items and, picking up their drink tickets and chatting with one another. Most went over to the Getaway to get their free glass of wine and have some appetizers and about 6 others stayed behind to volunteer. Thanks to you guys we were able to get the clothes up on the rack in record time with moments to spare.

Susie checking in attendees for the swap

The clothes are just beginning to pile up

Even though is was a little frigid outside you never heard anyone complaining and when 7pm rolled around we were ready to let the swapping begin. Click below to see all the happy swappers coming into the store.

And in they come!

Once inside the swappers headed to their own special area. Clothing was separated by small, medium and large. Shoes were on the shelves and purses were hung on the wall. We had so many accessories we had to use the table and the counter.

Let the swapping begin

So many clothes we had to bring out extra clothing racks and hangers just to get everything hung up.

Shoes and boots galore

Racks and racks filled with dresses, skirts and more

In the end these fabulous Swapnista’s walked away with some pretty great items.

Black beaded Betsy Johnson dress. another fabulous treasure

what a cute dress!

A woman after my own heart. Karen wants to refashion this in our next Refashioning Class. How exciting!

She found a two piece pin stripped suit, like new!

This lucky girl found some PJ's

she found a fabulous dress

Many other swappers left with heaping bags of clothes, shoes and accessories.

After the swap. She made out with some great stuff

More smiling faces after the swap

Another one of our fabulous volunteers. she stayed until the very end

One of our volunteers!! Thanks so much!

Susie and I just can’t wait to do this again. Keep your eyes peeled for our next swap coming in April.  You can begin cleaning out those closets now in preparation for spring cleaning. Springtime swaps are always so much fun! See you then.

Susie and I after the swap. WHEW!! See you in a few months 🙂

Swapping with dewdropDC – a Veteran Swappers view

What fun I had during Saturday’s dewdropDC swap. The best part of it was I didn’t have to organize it 🙂 YAY!! Didn’t have to worry about set up, refreshments, hangers, tables etc. What a relief. All I had to do was collect enough clothes from my closets and drawers and bring them to Hillyer Art Space for the swap. Sweet!

Overall I think Kristine, the organizer, did a good job with securing a venue that was spacious and comfortable. The deal is you take away as much as you drop off. I dropped off 12 pieces and wish I would have brought more.

Unfortunately I arrived 30 minutes late looking for a parking space. But once inside I found there was plenty to choose from. I found 3 brand new dresses (moda, BCBG and calvin klein), a pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes, a sweater, a jean jacket and two long sleeve t-shirts. I scored!

A little swap advice from a semi swap vet 🙂

Swaps can be a hit or a miss.  You never know what you will find. Remember swaps typically are a gamble and perhaps you will walk away with great items and maybe you won’t. If you have really high end clothing that you aren’t wearing take it to a consignment shop and get $$’s for it. Don’t end up with regrets because you took a Betsy Johnson dress  to a swap and walked away with a dress from Target. No offense to Target but there is no way you will get an even deal on that one so don’t expect it.

I have been to at least 25 swaps in the past year. Each one is different and I set my expectations accordingly. I consistently bring good quality clothing that is in good condition but I’m not taking my Karen Millen or Louis Vutton purses. I will however bring BCBG, Tahari, ann Taylor and Banana Republic just to name a few. Just as I don’t want to walk away with buyers remorse I don’t desire to have swappers remorse.

Want to organize your own swap?

When planning your own swap I suggest you start off small.  Swap with a group of your girlfriends in a more intimate setting and attend other swaps so that you can find our what works best. Take your time and organize it well. Then build up to bigger and better. Collaborate with others and get good helpers. They will be key.

Is swapping for you?

Lastly, swapping isn’t for everyone. Many people have hangups about wearing another persons clothing or rummaging through piles of clothes. If you are that girl then stay clear from swaps.  If you are open and looking for an adventure be sure to check with and ask questions to the organizer before you buy a ticket or make your way over to the swap. Find out if the clothes will be separate by size, how many participants will there be, if there is a message board ask the participants what sizes they are bringing, will there be food, will clothing be on a hanger or on tables? All these things make a difference in your experience. If the swap is missing some essential components that are important to you then it best you stay home and catch the next one.

What I love about clothing swaps

Bottom line is I love swapping. I’ve spent a year avoiding department stores and have successfully used swaps and thrift stores to build my professional wardrobe. I’m looking forward to continuing in this direction for year two. I’ve saved so much money and have found some great unique items to add to my wardrobe. Thanks to the great donors. I look forward to more swapping fun.

See below pics from dewdropDC this past weekend






20111115-161825.jpgMe and Kristine the Organizer of dewdropDC Clothing Swap



The Review from The Feast by Tobey Ward

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Feast Dispatch by Tobey Ward Sep 19, 12:11PM in Shop

Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange

Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
Swappers lined the curb on 14th Street waiting for the green light from Saadian.

Photo: Tobey Ward/The Feast

  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
  • Over Sixty Swappers Cram Black Eyed Susie for Clothing Exchange
PHOTO 5/11

On Sunday, Columbia Heights second-hand boutique Black Eyed Susiehosted a clothing swap that packed the tiny shop to capacity. We caught up with event organizers Susie Saadian and Jennifer Mason as they sorted clothing before the madness began.

“We had our first swap in May,” Saadian told us, “and it went so well, we decided to try to do them quarterly. It’s a really great, inexpensive way for people to get new clothing.” And judging from the mountains of clothing strewn around the shop, swappers were eager to clean out their closets for the event.

Of this swap’s selection, Mason said, “I’ve noticed a lot of brand new items with the tags still on and some fabulous accessories. Someone brought 15 amazing leather purses.”

Click through to see the crowd and the goods at D.C.’s latest swapping extravaganza.