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Day 28 of the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

(Still playing catch up-almost done)

Each day of the last week of this challenge gets more difficult.  It begins with the challenge of figuring out what to wear each day then couple that with the inconsistent weather in the DC area and  not to mention having to take these photos everyday. (I don’t enjoy that)

I’m excited about lessons learned and I will have so much to share in May about making wardrobe decisions and coordination. I love fashion and I love sewing. Problem is I don’t have much time for sewing however I do have time to visit various thrift shops and work on some DIY or re-fashioning projects. I’ve discovered this is my new love. Take something old and create something new.  After my upcoming thrift store tour of the DMV in May I will begin several re-fashioning projects. I hope to find some great vintage pieces while on the tour. In fact we have a “Refashioning” Class coming up in two weeks. Students are asked to bring in and outfit we can work to breath new life into.

Today I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous event at the Philip Sousa Band Hall at the Naval Yard on Capitol Hill.  I wore this black and cream Anne Taylor wrap dress I picked up a Goodwill Rockville, MD last month for a mere $6.07. I love this dress and the fit (although the photo does it no justice).  It’s so very comfortable and I didn’t find myself adjusting it or worrying about the fit at all. I received many compliments and I smiled on the inside knowing I only spent 6 bucks!

Day 25 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

One word for today H-O-T! It was sweltering this afternoon. Linen was the only fabric to be worn today. I wore a salmon colored suit I made a few years back and it was quite cool. Better than having the hot sun beaming down on me during the Easter Egg Roll.

Five more days and we are wrapping up this challenge. I can then start wearing some of the new items I have picked up over the last 30 days

Day 12 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

Two Words…….I CHEATED 😦

I repeated an outfit. I couldn’t resist. I love the suit I wore to the dinner last week and I only had it on for a couple of hours so it kinda doesn’t count, right? well, anyway. I had to attend a very important meeting today and I put it on knowing good and well I was breaking my challenge. I will post the photo from today’s meeting later in my blog. You will then understand why I had to wear it.

I hear a make up day coming.  Let’s hope there will only be one make up day.

Below my Fab Find Liz Claiborne Suit from the rummage sale @Tossed and found.

Day 7 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

This morning at 7:00am I had to go to the dry cleaners because I couldn’t find anything to wear! Believe that if you want. LOL!! Seriously though that was kinda my reality. It wasn’t cold enough for fall and not warm enough for Spring so I had a real dilemma.

Anyways my clothing today is all FREE!! Yes the Jacket and skirt both obtained at clothing swaps. The Jacket I acquired during Tossed and Found and the skirt came from Fashion Night Out Clothing Swap. So YAY me!!

Two photo’s here: Front and back view of the jacket

Day 4 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

After checking the calendar this morning and realizing I had a couple meetings. I decided that I’d wear a suit and since it was supposed to go up to 75 degrees I figured it should be lightweight and I should play it safe.

This Anne Klein suit I found at my friendly neighborhood Goodwill store in Rockville, MD. $10.98. It’s comfortable and cool and a perfect fit. I found three more that same day. They’ll probably be put into rotation later in the month. Accented with one of my favorite drape neck blouses and brown shoes I’ve been comfortable all day while in a stressful environment.


Day 1 of 30 days 30 outfits

Today is Day 1 of the 30 in 30 challenge. Below is what I decide to wear today. Everything I’m wearing I either have never worn before haven’t worn in over a year. The leather jacket was given to me by a friend who had no more use for it. In fact I don’t think she ever wore it. I believe I gave her a suit in return (swap). The pants have been on a hanger since before last summer. The boots, almost 7 years old, I got back from the shoe shine/repair shop a few weeks ago and the blouse (you can’t see) I got at the Goodwill Sweetheart Sale for $3. I accented with the scarf to give it a more interesting look.