Reposting from The Goodwill Fashionista! Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop

I just wanted to share this great recap of the Goodwill Pop Up shop with I throughly enjoyed last week. But first here is a little photo recap of my own. December 17 Recap: Edited for Goodwill pop-up shop, Peace & Goodwill We had such a blast at Edited for Goodwill last week, celebrating theContinue reading “Reposting from The Goodwill Fashionista! Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop”

Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop

I stopped by Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop today sponsored by Worn Magazine and Pepco. One word, AWESOME!! I love the space, I love the location and I love the merchandise they have selected for this three-day event. This is a must see and I recommend all my thrifty friends make their way over toContinue reading “Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop”

Making my monthly Goodwill run

Shopping thrift stores can be an invigorating and rewarding experience. Not only is it one of the most frugal ways of shopping, it is practical and fun. Especially if you approach it with the right attitude and come prepared. For me I get the biggest thrill in the search for those hidden treasures. I’m often amazed at whatContinue reading “Making my monthly Goodwill run”

Day 13 of 30 Days 30 Outfits

This morning it was cold, wet and rainy a day that called out for wearing a suit. I decided on this green fully lined Anne Klein suit that I stumbled across at my favorite Goodwill store in Rockville about 4 months ago. This suit really stood out to me with its unique stitching on the shoulders asContinue reading “Day 13 of 30 Days 30 Outfits”

My guest blog post for DC GW Fashionista

Guest Blogger: Could you go one year without buying “new” clothes? This blog post was featured on Friday, April 1, 2011 on DC Goodwill Fashionista Well, I’m giving it a try with Goodwill by my side.  At the start of the New Year I made this extreme resolution to refrain from shopping department and specialty retail stores forContinue reading “My guest blog post for DC GW Fashionista”

Goodwill Traveling Trunk Show

My “swapping buddy” Lily and I finally had a chance to attend the Goodwill Traveling Trunk show this weekend at the Ace Green Living Expo in Arlington VA and we had a fun time. We had a chance to meet the DC Goodwill Fashionista!! ( How cool is that?  During her similar she discussed various waysContinue reading “Goodwill Traveling Trunk Show”