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Friday Love from DC Goodwill Fashionista

Fashionista Friday: Jen’s new nude shoes

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No GravatarNine West heels at Goodwill“I love having small feet,” Jen declared on Instagram upon finding these never-worn Nine West heels at DC Goodwill.

It’s easy to be jealous! Finding shoes is often one of the biggest challenges of shopping secondhand. Clothing that’s a bit too big can be tailored, but you can’t do much about the size of a shoe. Either it fits, or it doesn’t. If the fit isn’t quite right, you risk being miserable and having the blisters to prove it.

But Jen, who you may remember from previous events and guest blog posts as the lady behind Sew Frugal and Fashionable, is a pro at finding bargains—and she hit the jackpot this time.

How to wear them? Remember, nude shoes are indeed a neutral. You can pair them with almost any outfit. Jen always looks polished, whether it’s the weekend or she’s come to an event straight from work. I’m sure she’ll get plenty of wear out of this “new to her” pair this spring!

Thanks for shopping Goodwill, Jen! You’ll always be a Fashionista.

Want to be a Goodwill Fashionista? Send a photo of your latest Goodwill find to fashion@dcgoodwill.org. If we feature your look here, you’ll get a badge to share on your blog or site to show everyone that you’re a savvy Goodwill Fashionista!


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Sew Frugal’s Fabulous Finds of 2012


I really enjoyed wearing this metallic Jacquard 3/4 length jacket to the White House Holiday Tour. I purchased this jacket last week during the Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop for $9.95. This jacket has earned Sew Frugal’s “2012 Fabulous Find” award. One look and I realized this was truly an item I couldn’t live without.

As a matter of fact my shoes came from the Goodwill store in Glebe Road (one of my favs).

As we head into the new year and I consider my wardrobe challenge for 2013 I’ve decided to spend some time chronicling my wardrobe. If I’m truly honest I have more clothes than I need or wear 😦 More details in my 2013 challenge will be coming soon.

In the past year I noticed several interesting wardrobe challenges among my fellow bloggers and I’m inspired to try a few of them. I hope many of you will join me.

Have a great day!

Day Two: Edited4Goodwill Pop Up Shop

I couldn’t resist swinging by the Pepco Gallery for a second day in a row to check to see if it was possible to add a few additional treasures to my collection.


When I visited the Pop Up shop on Wednesday I failed to notice the folded paper birds in the ceiling. I suspect I was in too big of a rush.

Returning on the day two yielded a great result. I scored this vintage, union labeled, red wool coat. The mock Mandarin collar, swing cut and the weight made this coat a must have.


And finally I wanted to feature another shopper who made a major score. This young woman found this purple formal gown for $40! It was absolutely beautiful and the photo doesn’t do it any justice. It’s perfect for prom and what a bargain.


Oh did I mention I will be returning for day three? Well, I am 🙂

Awesome: “Edited for Goodwill” Pop Up Shop


I stopped by Edited for Goodwill Pop Up Shop today sponsored by Worn Magazine and Pepco. One word, AWESOME!! I love the space, I love the location and I love the merchandise they have selected for this three-day event. This is a must see and I recommend all my thrifty friends make their way over to this spot before the week is out.

The kick off breakfast was this morning at the Pepco Gallery located at 720 6th Street NW near Gallery Place. Although I was a tad late and missed the main program I spoke briefly with Debbie Jarvis the Vice President of Communications at Pepco, who knew all about my thrifty business and how I’m not purchasing any new clothes for a year :-), Lisa Rowan the Goodwill Fashionista and Shanna Gidwani who we all know and love the Marketing and Communications Manager at Goodwill.


As you walk in the first thing you notice is the open floor plan which allows for and easy perusing of the clothing items. It’s was very Barney’s like. 20121212-231422.jpg

All clothing separated by color,  is great for someone like me because I am attempting to refrain from black, gray and brown. Only bright colors for me in the fall (arms folded determined). Uh, wait then how do I explain what occurred today? During this shopping experience I walked away with all three. Brown, Gray and Black. A magnificent 3 I might add.

Sidebar – Did I mention Goodwill served breakfast? Yes, they served breakfast with plenty of coffee and mimosa’s. Although I was too busy browsing to eat anything 😦 20121212-231447.jpg

The displays and layout of the rooms completely remove you form the mindset of 2nd hand shopping.  This space is a great combination of boutique, showroom and department store all wrapped up in one. 20121212-231456.jpg

I would be remiss if I did not mention the menswear included in this Edited Collection. I saw many men’s suits sweaters and most definitely….ties 20121212-231503.jpg Here is one of my awesome finds. A gray wool Tahari suit. I’m always looking for suits for work and especially from one of my favorite designers Tahari. The fit was perfect and I can’t wait to wear it 🙂 20121212-231512.jpg My second great find was this fabulous metallic embroidered jacket. I love the shortened sleeves and the 3/4 length. I truly wanted to wear this out of the store! 20121212-231528.jpg

And finally this vintage black velvet blazer that Lisa is wearing. I hemmed and hawed about getting it. At $9 it did not make sense to leave it in the store. Besides Debbie and Lisa were putting on the extra Goodwill pressure to take this lovely item home with me. I couldn’t resist.


As I was checking out I chatted with another fashionista who found this Fendi bag that we think might have been authentic. Couldn’t pass this up for her daughter for $7.95


the last thing I did before I departed was enter the lottery for this Audi station wagon. The company who donated it will give the person $5,000 if they decide to give it back. Either way its  win win.


So don’t meet me there, beat me there before Friday ! Grab some great items from the Goodwill Edited Collection. Let us know what you scored. We love to hear shopping success stories.

Reposting from Goodwill Fashionista: Fashion Forward: No lace, please

I love this post from Lisa the Goodwill Fashionista and wanted to share with you. As you know I’m all about refashioning vintage and looking beyond a piece that at first appears to have no potential. The jacket Lisa refashioned is uber cute and the removal of the lace really made it hit its mark. Lisa you might consider this as a new talent :-).

April 4, 2012

Fashion Forward: No lace, please

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After a fruitless day of shopping at the Columbia Pike Goodwill store (okay, I got plenty of stuff, but not what I set out to find!), I struck out on my own to peruse the Rockville location. I had to find something to wear to the Fashion Fights Poverty gala!

I did find something: a vintage red suit jacket and skirt that fit me to a T. I loved the color, the puffy shoulders, and the tuxedo-esque back of the jacket. But the lace collar…it just had to go.

Rockville Goodwill vintage suit

When in doubt, text message bathroom-mirror photos to your friends on the Goodwill staff! At least, that’s what I do.

The suit fabric perfectly matched the Jason Wu for Target dress I planned to wear it with, but the lace was just out of place. My black dress had sequins around the bottom, and as much as I do like both lace and sequins, they didn’t need to be anywhere near each other for this event.

I took my sharpest sewing scissors and cut carefully around the collar of the jacket, hoping to remove the scalloped lace in one piece. Success! I am now the proud owner of this versatile piece of lace:

Lace Lace Lace!

I have received several suggestions that I should use the lace as a collar with sweaters and tanks, and I think I’ll do just that. A fastener and a little starch is all I need to keep this lace looking fresh around my neck!

But I had one last challenge before I could wear the jacket out in public. No matter how carefully I cut, there were still tiny pieces of lace showing around the collar. When two friends suggested I color in the spots with a red marker, I laughed. Yes, I laughed at my friends and doubted them, but I cautiously tried it and they were right. Unless you were getting up close to smell my perfume (ooh la la), you couldn’t even tell the jacket had originally had a collar.

Vintage red jacket

Trying on the jacket at home. I LOVE the back of this vintage piece!

In the end, I was proud of my outfit for the event and proud of the bit of DIY work I had done. Maybe I should embark on fashion projects more often? What do you think, fashionistas?

Top Ten Favorite Thrift/Consignment Store finds of 2011

Last year was chuck full of great thrift store adventures for me. I traveled all around the country and found some of the most unique items. There is not enough space on this blog for me to showcase them all. All I can say is that shopping thrift has been financially beneficial and personally rewarding. Granted shopping thrift stores can be hit or miss at times and sometimes coming away empty-handed is the outcome. However remaining positive will yield you better results. that combined with a little patience can reveal many treasures.

Silver Spring Sewing Society took several field trips last year to many of our local thrift stores and when I tell you the women walked away with some fantastic finds I really mean it. We are getting together next week and I hope to take some photos of the great items they have picked up. I’ll be writing a post soon about living the life of a thrift store shopaholic. In the meantime enjoy some of Fav Thrift Finds of 2011

Stay tuned for my top ten Estate Sale finds of 2011. Coming soon.

no you are not seeing double. This dress was also featured under my Fav Vintage Finds of 2011. I found it at Out of The Closet Thrift in Los Angeles, CA


This Tahari Viscose coat gets compliments every time it hits the street. I just love love love it.


I picked up this J. Crew Silk dress at the Goodwill Truck show last year. It is currently being refashioned

Black leather pointy toe shoes made in spain. I googled them to find the retail price. WOW! Goodwill in Rockville $12

Whenever I find BCBG I almost always pick it up even if its not my size or my style. I can surely find a friend who can benefit. This blouse I picked up at the Goodwill Trunk Sale last year.

What's better than finding a fabulous find for a friend. This is my friend Lily wearing a mustard yellow Arden B leather coat with a fox fur collar.

In order to fully appreciate these Dollhouse silver pumps you must see my inspiration below.

I attended an event with FLOTUS and saw her wearing these silver pumps. I thought these would look great with my peach suit. And they did. Don't have a photo with them on but I will this spring

BeBe orange leather crop jacket. Found at a thrift store in Venice Beach

This blouse I picked up at Current Boutique on 14th in DC. I've been search for a blouse like this for over a year. Was so excited to find it in my size


This top/dress I picked up from Buffalo Exchange in San Diego California. I hear they are coming to DC. How exciting!