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2nd Annual Fashion Law Week DC – Intelligent Design Part 1

The Mansion on “O” was a beautiful backdrop for the designs displayed for the crowing event of Fashion Law week presented by Howard University School of Law.

The students of Hoard Law school created Fashion Law week to place more emphasis on Intellectual Property laws as the relate to the fashion industry. Their advisor Mariessa Terrell, seen below, explained the protection of fashion design rights beyond trademarks and patents has been common place in the international community but hasn’t really taken hold here in the US. Fashion Law Week included a keynote speaker from the Fordham Fashion Law Institute, roundtable panelist and much much more.

The evening started out with an installation of designs by Korto Momolu in the main sitting areas of the mansion. Born in Liberia, she left the country in 1990 due to civil war. She settled in Canada where she studied fashion design at L’academies des Couturiers Design Institute in Ottawa. She was the second runner-up from the 5th season of project runway. Her collection known as “Sankofa” is unique and the designs are full of life which tell a story. The collection presented this evening was initially shown in three parts to tell the story of Liberian women: Separation, Transformation and Celebration. There are 27 pieces in the collection which represent the 27 years the country has been in turmoil. See the designs presented during the installation below.

Feeling Youthful again confidence returning & Unraveling Shredded beauty

Finale Piece, bound hands, no voice covered mouth, skirt lifted illustrating violation

Restoration of Beauty & Feeling complete begin restoring total beauty

Past Exposure falling apart at the seams but still carrying the facade

Exposure revealing a sense of balance

More to come on Fashion Law Week……