Wilmer Wilson & Lady Blogger fashion and beauty social

With everything on my plate these days sometimes I’m amazed at how I do it all. Running from one event to another, changing clothes, grabbing cameras, grabbing sewing machines…………..whew it just makes me exhausted thinking about it. But the funny thing is it totally energizing and invigorating. Saturday after a full day with friends and running errandsContinue reading “Wilmer Wilson & Lady Blogger fashion and beauty social”

Re-post: Refashioning Vintage for a friend

Hi Everyone, I’m kinda getting back into the swing of things. Still re-posting previous post. this is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for 2012 my year to re-fashion vintage. I plan to take you through the process step by step. From finding vintage pieces to refashioning them. How exciting. In the meantime.Continue reading “Re-post: Refashioning Vintage for a friend”

Re-post: Completed my Vintage refashioning project

Hi readers, I know I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties as of late. Work has me locked down and tired at the end of the day. So I figured for the rest of this week I would re-post a couple of my favorite posts. All will be related to refashioning. I have decided that next years challenge willContinue reading “Re-post: Completed my Vintage refashioning project”

Real time blogging from Mighty Aphrodite: Modern Peep Show

It’s was Saturday night and I was at the Wonderbox attending the Modern Aphrodite “Modern Peep Show”. My attempt to blog in real time was thwarted by the constant events that were taking place throughout the evening. Featured designers were Redeem, Tari, and our friends over at It’s Vintage Darling. What a mucho fabulous showContinue reading “Real time blogging from Mighty Aphrodite: Modern Peep Show”

Refashioning Vintage for a friend

Once again Sew Frugal brings to you another refashioning project. If you have items you are interested in breathing new life into Sew Frugal and Fashionable is ready and willing to assist. We are in the process of developing our new website and updating our blog.  In addition, Silver Spring Sewing Sisters offers Sewing ClassesContinue reading “Refashioning Vintage for a friend”

Completed my Vintage Refashioning Project from an item found at @VintageDarling1

Well, it’s finally finished. A little bit here and a little bit there eventually I got it done. I had this visual in my mind of what I wanted it to look like if only I could find a few extra hours in the day to dedicate to the love of my life, refashioning andContinue reading “Completed my Vintage Refashioning Project from an item found at @VintageDarling1”

Jen’s May Thrift Store Tour

Whew!!! That’s all I can begin by saying. What a whirlwind of a month and I enjoyed every moment of it. Last month I randomly chose thrift and consignment stores in the DC, MD and VA area. I wasn’t sure which stores I would visit and when. The idea was to get out, explore andContinue reading “Jen’s May Thrift Store Tour”