Finally finished Jean Bag project…..Whew!

As a sewing instructor the goal is to actually make the project before teaching the class. This doesn’t always happen. As of late I have been completing the projects by the day before. But this time I’m “on fire”. Here we are over two weeks out from “Jean Tote -Bag Making Class” and I’ve already completed oneContinue reading “Finally finished Jean Bag project…..Whew!”

Refashioning a pair of jeans

Even for me when it comes approaching a sewing project if I bite off more than I can chew I will lose momentum and never finish. Which is why I’m starting this year off with small sewing projects and leading up to bigger ones along the way. It’s also the reason I enjoy refashioning. ForContinue reading “Refashioning a pair of jeans”

Kicking off February with a long awaited Refashioning Project

As we are wrapping up the first week of February I’m realizing how quickly time is passing and although I have set these resolutions I’m not faring very well in getting my progress posted. Right now I’m tackling two projects I’ve prepped for over the last month. A Jeans Tote Bag and a sweater refashioningContinue reading “Kicking off February with a long awaited Refashioning Project”