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Mila & Fire: Art, Fashion, & Photography Expo

Last night Mila & Fire, who you see below, hosted: Art, Fashion, & Photography Expo at the Lotus Lounge on K Street in DC

Fire on the Right, Mila on the Left

The Art Fashion and Photography Expo organized specifically to place more emphasis on Art and the creators. There were 10 artists being highlighted and displaying their creations on Thursday evening. In addition, there were live performances, poetry and lots of networking. It was a little late for me being that I had to be up for work the early the next morning so I left a little early. But not before getting some photos of the artist and vendors at work. Enjoy!

J. Carmen - She carves these necklaces and earrings herself

Imani Shanklin Roberts - Paintings with fabrics and other textures

Artist Jai - Working hard on one of his original creations

Beads by Aree -Earrings and accessories

The crowd gathering and enjoying the music and art