Shoulder/Tote Bag Making class – Basic Sewing 101

Join Silver Spring Sewing Sisters for another beginning sewing class. These sewing classes are designed to inspire you to learn to sew, become more familiar with your sewing machine and get you on your way to sewing your own clothes. Tote Bag making is a great way to get yourself comfortable with the sewing machine. Learn how toContinue reading “Shoulder/Tote Bag Making class – Basic Sewing 101”

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

Today marked the first day of sewing class for Silver Spring Sewing Sisters. The ladies learned the parts of the sewing machine, how to thread it and practiced sewing some basic stitches. In the second half if the class everyone learned how to accurately take their measurements, read a pattern envelope, read a guide sheetContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters”