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Silver Spring Sewing makes Tote Bags

On Sunday afternoon Silver Spring Sewing had our first class of 2012. We made reversible tote bags. This reversible tote bag is the second in a series of 7 tote bags that we will be making over the next 3 months. Each class is designed to help further develop a particular sewing skill. This tote bag honed in on the straight stitch, pressing and how to make an item that turns inside out. These skills can be used in making other types of tote bags, pillows, scarves etc.

We had 15 students attend Sunday’s class. Thanks to Xtine for being my volunteer instructor for this class. She did an awesome job going from student to student assisting with machines and stitches.

Xtine assisting a student with her machine

A few of the students were a little apprehensive about cutting fabric and getting started. Some had never touched a sewing machine before. We had a wide range of skills in this class which was great for those with less experience.

After going around and making a few introductions we began to dive right in and get the show on the road.


Silver Spring Sewing Group hard at work

Step 1: Press the fabric. This is important for cutting purposes. When cutting wrinkled fabric its highly likely your cutting will be off. Make certain your fabric is smooth and lays flat on your cutting surface.

Mercy moved quickly to the ironing board

Step 2: Everyone student received two pattern pieces. One for the bag and one for the strap

Denise found a space on the floor to begin her cutting

Step 3: Cut the pattern pieces out. It’s important to pin the pattern pieces accurately. We briefly discussed grain lines and how important it is to cut on them.


Ericka shown here cutting her pieces. Ann in the background already ahead of the game 🙂


Renee preparing to cut the straps

Step 4: Begin to sew. The students began by folding the fabric in half and sewing all four sides.

Step 5: Press. This is often a step that is ignored and passed over. It’s considered to be too time consuming but I am a stickler for pressing as you sew.

Step 6: Fold, Press and Sew the Strap. Some students got creative and sewed two stitches instead of one and some even got creative and used a decorative stitch instead.


Ericka attaching the straps

Step 7: Attach the straps to the bag on both sides. Place the lining turned right side out inside the bag and match right sides together.

Denise matching right sides

Step 8: Sew all the way around leaving a 3-4inch opening to turn

Betty sewing around the top of the bag

Step 9: Turn by pulling the bag through the opening and press

Ann is checking out Kanisa's almost finished product

Step 10: Top Stitch around the top of the bag then press for one last time

Andrea shown here pressing her bag

And “Voila” everyone who attended the class completed their tote bags.  Many referred to their bags as “wine bags” or “yoga bags”. Silver Spring Sewist worked hard and did a great job. Can’t wait to do this again.

Denise, Andrea, Ericka, Betty G, Ann and Cathy. What great bags!

Amber, Sharaelle, Mercy, Kanisa, Renee and Yolanda showing off their bags

Last but not least, Audrey who had to depart early. Her finished bag had a lining made from gold lame.

Bragging about Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

I’m so proud of the ladies in our sewing group. They are super dedicated to learning to sew and the proof is in the pudding. Look at these ladies finished products and how hard they worked to get them done. Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Rock!!! You go girls!!!

We just launched our Facebook Group today check us out Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Facebook Group











Sharing My Designs

When I began teaching sewing classes earlier this year it was because I realized my life had become void of my passion. I was truly missing doing something that I love which is fun, enjoyable and rewarding.  I have been so inspired since teaching these past few sewing classes.  I’m thankful to the enthusiasm of the students in the class and the energy they have for learning. I really feel my motivation to sew being restored. It’s both inspiring and encouraging to teach sewing to individuals who are themselves excited about the craft.  I would like to take a moment to highlight a few of my designs and past sewing projects. As you can see my style is conservative and classic. I tend to stick with styles which will stand the test of time and are flexible enough to be restyled at a later date. If I’m spending 5-6 days on a garment I want to be able to get significant wear out of it. My favorite fabrics to work with are raw silk, denim, organza, and various laces and satins. Going through my computer files earlier this week I ran across some pics from a photo shoot of my work. Hope you like.

Re-Styling your Wardrobe with Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

On May 15th from 2-4pm Silver Spring Sewing Sisters a Burda Style Sewing Club will have our 4th Sewing Meetup at Wheaton Public Library.

What does it mean to restyle clothing? It means taking something from your closet and breathing new life into it by taking it apart, adding something to it or making alterations for the purpose of updating.

Do you have a skirt, jacket, dress or pair of pants in your closet that needs a hem or a button and needs to be fixed so that you can put it back into your wardrobe rotation?  Or maybe you have a vintage item in your wardrobe you would like to consider refashioning. This class is for you. One of the easiest way to learn garment construction is to take something apart. For this class students are asked to bring in a few items and we will together to figure out solutions. If you need to learn how to sew on a button or replace a hem in your pants or skirt bring it with you. If you have a jacket or dress where the sleeves are too short or too long or a skirt you would like to shorten this is the class for you. We will learn quick and easy solutions as well as long term fixes to various wardrobe challenges or malfunctions 🙂

Please bring matching thread, scissors, pins and a sewing needle. Sewing Machine is optional

(more supplies may be required, please check back next week)

Happy Sewing!


Designer Showcase, Social and Fabric Swap

This evening Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for dinner, socializing and a little fabric swapping. We had such a great time-sharing sewing stories, creative ideas and projects. We had members present from every sewing level. Projects from Halloween costumes, corsets, dresses to shirts and scarves. Our class is growing and is well on its way to being more inspired to sew and create some fabulous designs. We talked about the next projects we have planned and our upcoming classes. After Burda Style Sewing Day on May 12th we will begin our regular scheduled classes. The first one being Re-fashioning, Re-styling and Re-freshing where our class will take something they have in their closets and refashion it into something new and better. This class is going to be SEW exciting. Stay tuned

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters, Burda Style Sewing Club

Today Silver Spring Sewing Sisters – Burda Style Sewing Club  (BSSCSS) held the second beginning sewing class at the Wheaton Library in Wheaton, MD. We had a great class with great participation. Students practiced straight stitching, top stitching, learned to take their measurements and read a guide sheet.

We are looking forward to our next MeetUp for the “Designer Showcase”. We are inviting all members  of BSSCSS who have sewn items they are proud of to bring them and “show and tell”.  Designers, professional seamstresses, novices and those who have made one or two items are all welcome. Come share with the group one or more of your designs and tell us about what inspired you to create these items.

Join us for Designer Showcase MeetUp- April 17th

5 Thrifty Things to do this weekend

Looking for some events to attend this weekend? Sew Frugal has 5 things you can add to your agenda

Friday, March 25th




Closet Runway brings you an exciting real runway experience with cutting-edge, unique fashions and trends from boutiques, designers, and retail stores. We will present style makeovers and provide fashion and styling tips to help you put together your own signature runway style.  You will see how to mix some of your classic wardrobe staples, vintage pieces, and past season favorites with the current season’s new styles to get more options out of your wardrobe. Discover your inner fashion trailblazer, be entertained by featured guest artists, shop with emerging businesses and network.

Whether you are a fashionista, trendsetter, fashion newbie or just want to have a good time, you’ll enjoy the Closet Runway experience.

See you there…where ready-to-wear fashion and the runway meet!

Closet Runway is a fashion event with a cause. We donate part of our proceeds to charities benefiting our community and those in need.


Also on Friday, March 25th

TOSSED AND FOUND sponsored by Junior League of Washington, DC

We mentioned this event in an earlier blog post but its definitely worth mentioning again. Visit Tossed and Found for more information

Come Search for Fabulous Finds at the 19th Annual Tossed & Found Sale! The Junior League of Washington’s largest annual spring fundraiser is a three-day sale offering bargain shoppers quality pre-owned house wares, fashions, books, sporting goods, electronics, and furniture. Tens of thousands of items! We hope you will join us for our Hoops & High Heels Preview Night Party to kick off the weekend in style with food, drinks, March Madness basketball games on big screen TVs and silent and live auctions packed with amazing items!

What: The 19th Annual Tossed and Found Sale

Why: To Search for “Fabulous Finds” While Supporting JLW’s Literacy Programs

Where: The Crystal City Shops (2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202)

When: “Hoops & High Heels” Preview Night Party: Friday, March 25, 2011, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Click here to purchase tickets.

General Shopping Hours: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 27, 2011, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 26th


Last week we visited Nana’s shop and we can’t wait to get back there this weekend. See below for the link and more info.

Excerpted from NANA’s

Join us for our RE-OPENING CELEBRATION this Saturday March 26, 2011starting at 11 a.m.! Shoppers will receive a FREE gift with purchase. The shop’s namesake — my Nana — is traveling from Boston for the occasion. My dear friend Erica & her colleagues at Charm City Cakes are bringing us a super cake (I can’t wait to see what amazing creation she design! We’ll probably cut the cake around 4p!). If the weather is agreeable, Pleasant Pops are joining in the fun by bringing their amazing popsicle creations.

Sooo, here’s the new shop info:

3068 Mount Pleasant Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
p 202-667-6955

Shop hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12p – 7p
Saturday 11a – 5p / Sunday 12p – 5p
Closed Tuesdays

I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone! Join us!

Sunday, March 27th

JUMP START YOUR SEWING MACHINES!!! Burda Sewing Club of Silver Spring

Very focused

Hi Ladies!! Let’s jump start our Sewing Machines. only $8 for the class

It’s spring and we could all use some new clothes in our wardrobes.

A few of you missed the first class and others have mentioned that you are interested in learning the basics of sewing and want to get back into the “se-wing” of things. Well this is the perfect class for you!

Our 2nd sewing class will be March 27th at the Wheaton Public Library from 2:00pm-4:00pm. The introductory fee for each class is $8. This fee will cover the cost of the room and some supplies and handouts which will be provided to you for the class. There will be a sign posted in the hallway as you come in the door. Feel free to bring a friend just be sure to RSVP for both of you.

Those who attended our first class last week are welcomed to come back. You will work on a separate project to enhance your sewing skills.

One last and final frugal thing to do this weekend and you can do it from home. Visit Shop Goodwill.com

I recently checked out the site and found some fabulous designer suits and dresses. Since I’m in the process of weaning myself from thrift and Goodwill over the next three months I will refrain from visiting the site this weekend 🙂