Silver Spring Sewing Sisters make Tote Bags!

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters switched things up a bit in this weeks class. With more than half the class being brand new seamstresses, SSSS went back to the basics in today’s class. After introductions were made and door prizes were distributed we were ready to get started. We began by learning how to wind aContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters make Tote Bags!”

Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Sewing Class 6/5/11

Hi Ladies!! Let’s “Jump Start Your Sewing Machines” Session III June 5, 2011 from 2-4pm This is a basic group sewing class and you will be sewing in this class. You will leave with a completed sewing project. We will work quickly and you will learn a lot in two hours. Please come on timeContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Sewing Class 6/5/11”