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Finally finished Jean Bag project…..Whew!

As a sewing instructor the goal is to actually make the project before teaching the class. This doesn’t always happen. As of late I have been completing the projects by the day before. But this time I’m “on fire”. Here we are over two weeks out from “Jean Tote -Bag Making Class” and I’ve already completed one bag and cut out a second even more fancy than the first. I’m proud of myself especially since I’m in the middle of a sewing room revamp and I only have a small little corner open for sewing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other in-process photos only the final product. If I had to stop in the middle to take photos I might not have completed this tonight.

About the project: Even though it has taken me weeks the project only took about 1 1/2 hours to finish. This pair of size 4 jeans, The Limited brand I picked up at a swap earlier this year. I added the silk scarf for a little color. I could have done more but I’m saving that for bag #2. I will post the second bag in a few days. This one will be alive with texture and embellishments.

If you are interested in learning how to make this bag in just over a hour, Join the Sewing Society on April 15th form 1:30-3:30. Location TBD.

Upcoming Sewing Classes and Thrifting, Society Style

We’re excited to announce a few upcoming sewing classes with Silver Spring Sewing Society. On March 4th we will begin moving into a more challenging bag project. This across the body bag is very convenient for running to the grocery store, hiking or to downsize a larger purse or bag. It will carry the basic essentials you will need for when you are out and about. This little bag will include a zipper which you will learn to insert. This class will be fun and you will walk away with a finished product. Register today as space is filling up quickly.


Next up is our Very Basic Sewing class (click to register):

Have you ever picked up a pattern or guide sheet and you feel like you are reading another language? Or been in the fabric store and it seems like the people are speaking a different language? Do the words bias tape, tracing wheels and notches mean nothing to you? Fear No More! Silver Spring Sewing Society is here to help. Learning how to sew and communicating in sewing terms can become second language within just a few lessons. This Very Basic Sewing Class will focus on the very basic components of sewing. You will learn the parts of the sewing machine, how to read a guide sheet, how to take your measurements, what to look for if you are buying a new machine and you will practice sewing stitches. Come join us to get all your sewing questions answered. For this class you should bring your own sewing machine and all the attachments including bobbins. If you do not own or have access to a sewing machine we have a limited number of sewing machines available for rent. Prior to registering for this class please send an email to SewFrugalandFashionable@gmail.com to reserve a machine. Additional supplies for this class will be provided.

Last but not least we have a new Meet Up Group to announce. Thrift Score SocietyThanks to Xtine and Heather for Co-Organizing this group. These ladies are well acquainted with thrifting and they are here to help you navigate and find great treasures and fantastic finds thrift stores have to offer.

Whether you want to save money, find one-of-a-kind fashions or home decor, or practice a greener lifestyle by reusing, recycling or refashioning, thrifting is for you! You’ll learn where to shop and how to make the most of your thrifting trip, and of course, meet some new friends! We will show you how to find great treasures from thrift stores and maximize your thrifting experiences. We’ll explore thrift stores in DC, Maryland and Virginia and we’d love to have you join us. In fact our first Meet Up is this Monday February 20th at 9:30am Thrift Shopping Trip #1. We will be heading to Unique Thrift store on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, MD. Did we mention everything is 50% off on Presidents Day? Yeah it sure is. See ya there!