Silver Spring Sewing Society Spring Road Trip to NYC

Hi everyone, The Sewing Society is just about due for its quarterly field trip to the NYC Fashion District and we hope many of you will join us. Our last trip was in January and the one before that in October. Both were well attended and all who traveled with us had a blast. This timeContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing Society Spring Road Trip to NYC”

Zip and go Makeup Bags” – Who knew??

It’s always so funny to me when class doesn’t exactly turn out as you planned. A couple weeks ago we have a little mishap with the room then this week we are making these zip and go bags when half way through the project half the class decided they didn’t want a strap after all. InsteadContinue reading “Zip and go Makeup Bags” – Who knew??”

Bragging about Silver Spring Sewing Sisters

I’m so proud of the ladies in our sewing group. They are super dedicated to learning to sew and the proof is in the pudding. Look at these ladies finished products and how hard they worked to get them done. Silver Spring Sewing Sisters Rock!!! You go girls!!! We just launched our Facebook Group todayContinue reading “Bragging about Silver Spring Sewing Sisters”