Re-post: Completed my Vintage refashioning project

Hi readers, I know I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties as of late. Work has me locked down and tired at the end of the day. So I figured for the rest of this week I would re-post a couple of my favorite posts. All will be related to refashioning. I have decided that next years challenge willContinue reading “Re-post: Completed my Vintage refashioning project”

Completed my Vintage Refashioning Project from an item found at @VintageDarling1

Well, it’s finally finished. A little bit here and a little bit there eventually I got it done. I had this visual in my mind of what I wanted it to look like if only I could find a few extra hours in the day to dedicate to the love of my life, refashioning andContinue reading “Completed my Vintage Refashioning Project from an item found at @VintageDarling1”

Vacation Thrift Store Shopping: NCJW Thrift Store in LA

Council Thrift Store in Los Angeles definitely made #2 on my list of great thrift stores in LA. Prices were fairly reasonable and the selections were fabulous. The store was clean and things were organized very neatly on the racks and shelves. All in all there are 6 NCJW thrift  locations in LA and 3Continue reading “Vacation Thrift Store Shopping: NCJW Thrift Store in LA”

My Review: Wagging Tails, Rockville MD

Vacation is over, sad to say and jet lag is still lingering around. *yawn* Nonetheless I must catch up on my reviews of local thrift stores in the DMV. Wagging Tails is a store I was so excited to finally visit. I’d first heard about the store when I attended Sip & Sew at DCContinue reading “My Review: Wagging Tails, Rockville MD”