Basic Sewing Class Recap

One of my favorite things to do when it comes to the wonderful world of sewing is to teach beginning sewing classes. Those who have never sewn or who have little to no experience have the mind of a sponge just ready to soak up everything. They are open to new ideas and willing toContinue reading “Basic Sewing Class Recap”

Zip and go Makeup Bags” – Who knew??

It’s always so funny to me when class doesn’t exactly turn out as you planned. A couple weeks ago we have a little mishap with the room then this week we are making these zip and go bags when half way through the project half the class decided they didn’t want a strap after all. InsteadContinue reading “Zip and go Makeup Bags” – Who knew??”

Silver Spring Sewing makes Tote Bags

On Sunday afternoon Silver Spring Sewing had our first class of 2012. We made reversible tote bags. This reversible tote bag is the second in a series of 7 tote bags that we will be making over the next 3 months. Each class is designed to help further develop a particular sewing skill. This toteContinue reading “Silver Spring Sewing makes Tote Bags”

Recapping: Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2

On Sunday, November 20th Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met for “Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2” at the Wheaton Library.  We learned about the parts of the sewing machine, how to thread the sewing machine, how to take measurements and everyone completed an apron by the end of class. Hats off to all theContinue reading “Recapping: Jump Start Your Sewing Machines Part 2”

Frugal Weekend Activities in the DMV

A few activities for a fun frugal weekend. I will post a few additional garage and estate sales later tomorrow but I wanted to get these out there early for you to add them to your calendar. I plan to stop by the first two and will be hosting the last one on Sunday. If you live inContinue reading “Frugal Weekend Activities in the DMV”