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SELECT: WPA Exhibition & Art Auction Gala in Review

Last week I attended a fashion or fashion related event in DC almost every night of the week. Modern Vintage: Shop & Social on Wednesday, Mila & Fire: Art and Photography Expo on Thursday, Fashion Law Week DC: Intelligent Design on Friday and last night I attended my 3rd Washington Project for the Arts: Auction and Gala……WHEW!!!!  Needless to say I am so very tired and would like to crawl back into bed however we have Sewing Class this afternoon and that always energizes me.

Granted this post is not exactly about fashion however it is about creativity and I wanted to share my experience with you all. Especially since last night the WPA represented more to me that just enjoying great art, great food and great friends. This year I had a personal vested interest in the auction part of the evening. My own friend Lily Valle who many of you have seen her signature on my photos, had a piece entered and yes I eavesdropped on the potential buyer conversations 🙂 I will discuss that later.

WPA is in its 31st year of the Auction and Gala. WPA has helped WPA raise funds and awareness to support contemporary artists in this area. The artists invited to participate in this exhibition were selected by a group of notable curators from some of the most important institutions in our region such as the Corcoran Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Wexner Center for the arts and a special Board of Directors selection along with many others. The works represent a variety of media and disciplines and truly provide the viewer with a wide range design and style.

Upon entering building on 18th and L which used to be Borders Bookstore attendees were greeted by a woman on stilts with a lighted hula hoop. She was nice enough to pose for me. Later I caught her on a break from the stilts viewing some of the art on display.

Although there weren’t any performances some of the artist came together to spread some art Cheer.

Art Cheerleaders

These Art Cheerleaders were having a great time doing the tootsie roll

Here is our performer checking out this piece that ended up in a bidding war going for $4800. Incredible. Although my background is in art I still thought it reminded me of Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham

Board members and attendees perusing the art work

After milling about for a few minutes I decided to head over to the Bruschetta Bar. My favorite! I just about lost it with the breads, olives and tomatoes. Thanks Chef Barton Seaver. Job well done!!

Bruschetta Bar with wonton crisps. crostini, artichoke, tuna tartar, shrimp ceviche, tomato basil, green and black tapenades

Champagne and Peach Glazed Chicken

Desserts - Berry Mascarpone Parfaits, Raspberry Napoleons, Baked Alaska Brownie Stix, Miniature Rustic Tarts

Now on to the main event: Below is Lily next to the piece she submitted to the auction. It’s titled “Trifecta”. The photograph was taken in DC of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial and Capitol. Such a unique set up and so perfect for the person who loves DC. You can see by the smile on her face she is very pleased with the outcome. In the end her piece went for $350 in a slight bidding war. I eavesdropped on a few of the bidders. All were very positive and thought what a unique shot. The back story is Lily and I sorting through her many photos of plants, trees, children, you name it. Trying to decide which one would be WPA worthy. In the end she settled on this photograph which clearly was an excellent choice. Lily is such a great photographer and has such a great eye and is a great friend. You can check out some of her other photos at LillyDC.Tumblr.com . I wish her much success and look forward to seeing some of her other work in many of the DC galleries.

Lily withe her piece "Trifecta"

Me and Lily. I'm the proud friend

Lily and the woman who won the bid on her piece

The DJ kept the music going all night