Clothing swaps are a great way to enhance and bring some flavor to your wardrobe. I attended my first Clothing Swap in Silver Spring, MD back in January and I have been hooked every since. I’ve gone as far as NYC to attend a swap. All have been well worth it.  In the Swapping Category you will find some of my best swap finds.

Attending a swap simply means: Clean out your closet, bring whatever you no longer wear — clothes, shoes, accessories — and take home whatever you find that you like. Anything left over at the end is donated to Goodwill or some other charity. No money exchanged. No quid pro quo regarding how much you bring vs. how much you carry off. Some of the items I find I could never afford to pay retail for.

Want to see more on this swapping craze? Check out the Swapaholics on ABC Nightline: THE SWAPAHOLICS

Fashions Night out Clothing Swap 1/21/11

Exchange your ways Clothing Swap 1/22/11

 Grow NYC Stop n’ Swap 2/12/11

Frugal Fashionistas Clothing Swap 2/27/11

Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap 4/4/11

Fashion night out Clothing Swap 4/17/11

Just about to get started

Swap ‘Til you Drop Clothing Swap 5/1/11

Looking through their great finds

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