Sewing obstacles…..

Last night I panicked. My Singer serger started making an awful noise and my Husky straight stitch began sewing on its on (ghost Sewist). Yeah sure I haven’t fired up the machine in 5-8 years but so what…… Right?😂 nah I didn’t get it tuned up and no I didn’t oil it. (yes I know better. I teach my students care and maintenance on the first day of class)  So why don’t I heed my own advices? #hardheaded. 

Instead I threaded it and started cranking out blouses left and right because that’s what I do………… And was only a matter of time. God watches over fools and babies is what my grandmother used to say.

God is good. Today I went to an estate sale and I was sure I’d missed out on these items or they would be over priced. Well I haggled a little and walked away with two Elna sewing machines. One Elna 9000 and one Elna overlock!!  How cool is that? Now I can get back to sewing later this evening. My apologies to those of you who have reached out to me in the last 24 hours. I’ve been in panic mode. Now I can breathe and return your phone calls and emails😉

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New Edition

Good morning lovelies❤️

Yesterday I shared this fresh off the sewing machine royal blue and gold bow blouse. A few of my friends got “sew” excited😉. For those of you who are also interested please note the turn around time for the blouses is now 10-14 days due to demand. Each blouse is custom made to your specifications and it is important that we get it right the first time. We also have to make certain the fabric is in stock to accommodate orders over 5 pieces. So please bear with us and check your email often for status updates. Thank you so much for shopping with Sew Frugal. 😘

Little Fashionista

Good morning,

I’ve been perusing old photos and wouldn’t you know I’ve been rocking the #pussybowblouse since I was a little fashionista. This vintage photo is of me with my great grandmother and her sisters during my 7th birthday celebration. I was really pumped about celebrating my birthday with my close family and as you can see I’ve always enjoyed smiling for the camera😉

Little Fashionista

Custom Bow Blouses

Good evening lovelies……

I’ve been receiving a few emails regarding the bow blouses and asking for additional samples. See below a few pictures and prices. I hope to launch the merchant site soon and have fabric samples posted there as well. In the meantime ……


Available in larger dot patterns. Black on.white, white on blog sack, pink on green, hold on blue, white on blue and white on red. See below current stock


Available in orange, black, white, navy, red, green and many other colors


Available in a variety of sheer fabrics


Available in blue, red and purple

First Batch Complete

Happy Sunday lovelies!!

Filling orders and shipping out blouses tomorrow. Replenished my stock and will begin cutting more blouses on Tuesday to prepare for the April 22nd Pop Up Shop. Keep an eye out for details.

Have a great time enjoying the fabulous fashions on the Oscars tonight😉



A pussy bow or pussycat bow is a style of neckwear often associated with women’s blouses and bodices. It takes the form of a bow tied at the neck similar to those tied around the neck of kittens, cats, and the like.

Everything old is new again

Good evening lovelies,

I’ve missed chatting with you the last few days. This Sewist has been hard at work the last several days. Finishing up bow blouse samples✂️👗

 and sorting through my vintage pattern stock. 

I can’t wait to get started with some of these creations. It’s amazing to see how everything old is new again. The styles of the 70’s are back. Creating these patterns with some of the new fabrics I’ve picked up is going so much fun.

I’m happy to put some of these patterns in my Etsy Shop for many.of you to enjoy. Most of the patterns are uncut and in excellent condition. check them out @