Pop up shop!

Join Sew Frugal on Jan 29th from 10-4pm for our first Pop Up Shop. By appointment only. Send an email for an appointment. SewFrugalandFashionable@gmail.com with Pop Up Shop in the Subject.

Items available at the pop up shop will be posted on the blog over the next week.


What’s new at Sew Frugal?

Good morning lovelies!!😘

Thank you to everyone for all the happy new year wishes and thanks for following Sew Frugal over the past few years. We have some great things in store for you in 2017.

First and foremost our first pop up store for 2017. Mark you calendars for Jan 22. Email us for an appointment. Items available will be posted here on the blog. Can’t make it to the pop up? No problem. We can ship your items to you.

Sew Frugal is constantly adding more inventory. Check out us out on IGn@SewFrugal and on FB http://m.me/SewFrugalandFashionable

Sewing classes are returning!! We are planning our late winter early spring schedule now. So dust off those sewing machines and get ready to create beautiful items. Private sewing lessons will be available. 

More to come……

Sneak peak of some of the items available for the upcoming pop up:

We’re Baaaaack!!

SewFrugal is back after a long and much needed hiatus. Sew Frugal will soon resume highlighting everything #vintage #fashionable #frugal and sewn. 👗👛👜Sew Frugal & Fashionable is getting refocused on #thrifting and #refashioning in 2017. 

With that in mind SewFrugal recently went on a mission to find various strands of pearls. If you have followed my running IG page you are familiar with #RunsWithPearls I love pearls and believe they can be worn with anything from jeans to ball gowns. Recently I misplaced my favorite strand of pearls. Devastating!! 

Needless to say I nearly wiped out a few #vintage #Thrift stores on the north side of Chicago. Here are a few #fabulousfinds

Looking forward to rocking these in the near future. #pearls #pearlnecklace #fashion

Oh here we go. Pearls sufficiently rocked!

Ebay items are going up

Recently SewFrugal decided to get back to selling a few items on eBay and what a joy it has been. 

While I have been in the process of decluttering I realized I have many great items that really don’t belong in the thrift store. From dresses to tablewear to shoes I plan to offer a few unique items and welcome your feedback.

See below for picks and links:








Thrifting Thursday’s – Pantaloons👖👖👖👖

Thrifting Thursday! 

Sew Frugal is slowly but surely getting back to thrifting and we are beginning with “Thrifting Thursday’s”. On Thursday’s we will showcase the latest thrift scores and we welcome guest thrifters. 

This week we addressed the need for work pants and jeans. SF Scored three pairs of slacks three pairs of jeans and a fun pair of capri’s. 

Total spent $40. 
All slacks are fully lined. Banana republic and Ralph Lauren. Slightly flared leg, one with cuffs and flat front straight legged. The jeans, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap 1969 and lucky brand jeans. Straight and flared. Gotta have some variety with styles changing so quickly.

 #HappyThrifter #ThriftingThursdays 

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