Everything old is new again

Good evening lovelies,

I’ve missed chatting with you the last few days. This Sewist has been hard at work the last several days. Finishing up bow blouse samples✂️👗

 and sorting through my vintage pattern stock. 

I can’t wait to get started with some of these creations. It’s amazing to see how everything old is new again. The styles of the 70’s are back. Creating these patterns with some of the new fabrics I’ve picked up is going so much fun.

I’m happy to put some of these patterns in my Etsy Shop for many.of you to enjoy. Most of the patterns are uncut and in excellent condition. check them out @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/SewFrugalShop

Reigniting my passion

Good evening Sewist,
Today I dusted off my sewing machine for the first time in several months. I spent the morning cutting, pinning, folding and creating. 

I decided to start with a vintage pattern that I picked up at a garage sale a few months back. I used the pattern as my base and remixed the design a bit to keep it more contemporary. 

And now my first of many Pussy Bow Blouses is almost ready to go into my Etsy Store tomorrow. How exciting…. more sizes and designs coming soon. In a few weeks I will take custom orders. 

Happy Sewing!✂️👗

Ask a sewing expert…

Good evening sewists

As promised I’m sharing a question weekly from Sew Frugal subscribers who have emailed “Ask a Sewing expert”.

This question is from Jan.

I would like to make this sleeveless pullover dress for my son’s wedding but it is designed for 2 way stretch fabric only. Since I don’t have a 2 way stretch kind of body could I make this out of a more forgiving fabric and add a zipper or neck opening with button to be able to put it on? Is that feasible? What is the best option for me and how do I alter the pattern? Thanks!

Hi Jan, thanks for your question. Yes you can absolutely use a different fabric and add a zipper. Just a few things to keep in mind. The pattern doesn’t call for additional ease because it assumes you will use a two way stretch knit where ease is naturally occurring. You will have to add on the ease and depending on your body type you will have to determine what it belongs. Also remember seam allowances might be different in various locations so make sure you make the adjustments where appropriate. Remember its better to err on the side of excess. You can always take away but adding on is difficult. 

Lastly I can’t tell if this garment had facings or not. With some patterns that call for starch knits they is no facing required. You might need to include facing if you are making the sleeveless dress. Hope this helps.


Certified Sewing Instructor

Taking a little birthday time off

Hello lovelies!! I took a little time off for my birthday. Can’t wait for you to see the goodies I picked up while away. New items will be posted this week and class schedules the following week. I’m apron I will be addressing several questions from”Ask a sewing expert”. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I will respond to questions via the blog.

But for now birthday turn up! 🎂🎉

Winter Pop Up Shop comes to a close….

Thank you to all the fashionistas who came through for today’s Pop Up Shop. I’m truly grateful for the support of Sassy Thrifters Organizer Tameka, Sekile from Polyester Soul and Beatriz from Beautiful Vintage. You ladies rock!!!

I will be spending the next few months searching for more fabulous finds and preparing for the Spring Pop Up Shop. Keep following the blog for details. See you soon.

Prepping for my first Pop Up Shop of 2017

Excited to share a sneak peek of the most recent carefully curated items for the first sew Frugal Pop Up Shop of 2017.

Mixing the old with the new…..


Vintage hand bags and gloveS

Refreshments will be served.

See you there 😊 

My Family…..A legacy continued

Good morning Sewists, Frugalistas and Vintage Lovers😘

I’d like to share with you a bit of my family history. My great grandmother, who I affectionately called Miss Moss, pictured on the far left was the eldest of 13 children. 

Miss Moss made all the dresses for her sisters pictured above. Her couture dressmaking skills were the best I’ve ever known in my life. I’m so fortunate to have had her as my first sewing instructor. She was kind and patient with me and helped to cultivate my love for sewing. I know she is looking down feeling pleased that I am continuing her legacy.

Her daughter my grandmother  (pictured above) was the epitome of style and grace. She was a seamstress as well however Miss Moss designed and sewed her beautiful dresses as well. I’ve come across some beautiful photos of her wearing some fabulous clothes. Oh how I wish I could peruse her closets.

Looking at these photos is so inspiring to me. It reinforces my love for vintage clothing as as my love for designing clothing. 👗 

The legacy continues……