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Little Fashionista

Good morning,

I’ve been perusing old photos and wouldn’t you know I’ve been rocking the #pussybowblouse since I was a little fashionista. This vintage photo is of me with my great grandmother and her sisters during my 7th birthday celebration. I was really pumped about celebrating my birthday with my close family and as you can see I’ve always enjoyed smiling for the camerašŸ˜‰

Little Fashionista

Everything old is new again

Good evening lovelies,

I’ve missed chatting with you the last few days. This Sewist has been hard at work the last several days. Finishing up bow blouse samplesāœ‚ļøšŸ‘—

 and sorting through my vintage pattern stock. 

I can’t wait to get started with some of these creations. It’s amazing to see how everything old is new again. The styles of the 70’s are back. Creating these patterns with some of the new fabrics I’ve picked up is going so much fun.

I’m happy to put some of these patterns in my Etsy Shop for many.of you to enjoy. Most of the patterns are uncut and in excellent condition. check them out @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/SewFrugalShop

My Family…..A legacy continued

Good morning Sewists, Frugalistas and Vintage LoversšŸ˜˜

I’d like to share with you a bit of my family history. My great grandmother, who I affectionately called Miss Moss, pictured on the far left was the eldest of 13 children.

Miss Moss made all the dresses for her sisters pictured above. Her couture dressmaking skills were the best I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m so fortunate to have had her as my first sewing teacher. She was kind and patient with me and helped to cultivate my love for sewing and designing. I know she is looking down feeling pleased that I am continuing her legacy by producing quality couture clothing. She paid particular attention to detail and didn’t stop until she got it right.

When I was nine years old I begged my mom and my grandmother to allow me to use the sewing machine. My persistence fell on deaf ears for everyone except Miss Moss. She allowed me to sit with her and pin fabrics to prepare for her to sew. I can remember how happy I was and how surprised she was at how quickly I picked up on her instructions. In a matter of weeks I went from threading her needles to pinning fabric to cutting patterns. The first summer I spent with her sewing I made my first pair of shorts and a skirt. From there the rest is history.

Her daughter my grandmother Ā (pictured above) was the epitome of style and grace. She was a seamstress as well however Miss Moss designed and sewed her beautiful dresses as well. I’ve come across some beautiful photos of her wearing some fabulous clothes. Oh how I wish I could peruse her closets.

Looking at these photos is so inspiring to me. It reinforces my love for vintage clothing as as my love for designing clothing. šŸ‘—

The legacy continues……

Edited4Goodwill – Spring Trunk Show #blog4good

One of my favorite Goodwill events took place last week. Edited 4 Goodwill Spring Trunk Show.


This years event took place the week before Goodwill Industries Week which is an annual celebration of Goodwill Greater Washington’s mission to provide free job training and employment services to people with disabilities and disadvantages. The theme this year is Blog4good. I’m excited to support this event which was held at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery Wednesday and Thursday last week.


The main reason I enjoy this event so much is because Goodwill selects the best stuff for their Edited4Goodwill trunk show. The higher end labels and the merchandise that’s in the best condition is what makes its way to the showroom floor. I’m always looking for brand names so this makes shopping thrift easy peasy.


During my lunch hour I hopped in my car and hightailed it over to the Pepco Gallery. I only had and hour and I needed to make every moment count.

The first few items I picked up was this gray Jones of NY suit. Needed to replace an old gray suit that is overdue for retirement. This beige BCBG wrap dress and these plaid skinny pants. The pants aren’t quite my style but I’m always looking for that one interesting piece I can add to my wardrobe.


My most fabulous find that afternoon was this Victor Costa for Neiman Marcus lace gown with fur collar and sleeves. This vintage piece is almost a perfect fit. With a few minor alterations it will be ready for prime time.


Later this week I will share pics of the other great finds at last weeks Edited4Goodwill.

Happy Thrifting


Reposting from Goodwill Fashionista: Fashion Forward: No lace, please

I love this post from Lisa the Goodwill Fashionista and wanted to share with you. As you know I’m all about refashioning vintage and looking beyond a piece that at first appears to have no potential. The jacket Lisa refashioned is uber cute and the removal of the lace really made it hit its mark. Lisa you might consider this as a new talent :-).

AprilĀ 4, 2012

Fashion Forward: No lace, please

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After aĀ fruitless day of shoppingĀ at the Columbia Pike Goodwill store (okay, I got plenty of stuff, but not what I set out to find!), I struck out on my own to peruse the Rockville location. IĀ hadĀ to find something to wear to the Fashion Fights Poverty gala!

I did find something: a vintage red suit jacket and skirt that fit me to aĀ T. I loved the color, the puffy shoulders, and the tuxedo-esque back of the jacket. But the lace collarā€¦it just had to go.

Rockville Goodwill vintage suit

When in doubt, text message bathroom-mirror photos to your friends on the Goodwill staff! At least, that’s what I do.

The suit fabric perfectly matched theĀ Jason Wu for Target dressĀ I planned to wear it with, but the lace was just out of place. My black dress had sequins around the bottom, and as much as I do like both lace and sequins, they didnā€™t need to be anywhere near each other for this event.

I took my sharpest sewing scissors and cut carefully around the collar of the jacket, hoping to remove the scalloped lace in one piece. Success! I am now the proud owner of this versatile piece of lace:

Lace Lace Lace!

I have received several suggestions that I should use the lace as a collar with sweaters and tanks, and I think Iā€™ll do just that. A fastener and a little starch is all I need to keep this lace looking fresh around my neck!

But I had one last challenge before I could wear the jacket out in public. No matter how carefully I cut, there were still tiny pieces of lace showing around the collar. When two friends suggested I color in the spots with a red marker, I laughed. Yes, I laughed at my friends and doubted them, but I cautiously tried it andĀ they were right. Unless you were getting up close to smell my perfume (ooh la la), you couldnā€™t even tell the jacket had originally had a collar.

Vintage red jacket

Trying on the jacket at home. I LOVE the back of this vintage piece!

In the end, I was proud ofĀ my outfit for the eventĀ and proud of the bit of DIY work I had done. Maybe I should embark on fashion projects more often? What do you think, fashionistas?

Fun Times at Modern Vintage: Shop and Social

Wednesday night was a fun time at Nana’s where Lisa fromĀ Quarterlife 202Ā hosted ModernĀ Vintage: Shop & Social. Lisa has some great vintage items and I love just looking through the shoes, skirts and dresses. Ā She assembled some greatĀ combinationsĀ on the mannequins and shoppers came by to socialize and browse through the vintage clothing.

I had the pleasure of running into an old friend, Kaarin Moore of Closet Caucus

Lisa and I had a chance to chat and catch up. Great event Lisa!

She served some healthy snacks and drinks to go along

There was even a photo booth set up for visitors to strike a pose

She is wearing a dress and coat from Trash Cat

This G. from Tulle and Combat Boots posing for the camera

Happy shoppers with Lisa

Shoppers milling around Nana's

But the best part of it all was of course the Cand Shoes

Laura from Bits of Threads browsing through a rack of clothes

Beautiful winter white coat with Royal blue sheer dress underneath

Looking forward to Lisa’s next Modern Vintage: Shop & Social

Re-Blogging: Refashioning and Restyling Workshop Part ll

The count down is here. Only 24 more days until 2012. Sew Frugal and Fashionable has some great things planned for refashioning and restyling your wardrobe. We will take 365 days and redo at least 12 outfits. That’s right full outfits. That’s next years challenge. And we will continue to stay away from department and specialty stores to shop for clothing. Whew! What a challenge. In the meantime continue to enjoy some of our favorite refashioning blog post.

Re-post from June 20th 2011


On Sunday June 19th, Silver Spring Sewing Sisters met to discuss creative ideas for reinvigorating and refreshing their wardrobes. We had a greatĀ discussionĀ on options and unique transformations for clothing that has just been sitting around idle. This was our 2nd class in a four-part series. So far three students have completed theirĀ initialĀ projects and are currently working onĀ theirĀ next creative masterpiece. Our class will meet informally over dinner every week leading up to Part 3 so that everyone is engaged and being sure to make progress.

In Part 3 of the class we will discuss how to properly deconstruct a garment. There is a right way and a wrong way when it comes to removing seams, elastic and hems. We will cover the step by step process. We are SEW excited about the progress students are making. More to come.